Who proposed to Natalie before Shayne?

On Natalie's Stories today, she said she actually had another proposal in the pods before Shayne's, but is not telling us who. That said, based on this reel, I would guess it's not actually someone we know:


So, for us to make an educated guess, we have to look at the contenders and their featured quotes:

Vito: 33, pizzeria owner. "I tend not to have a filter!"

Rocky: 30, Executive. "If you're rude to waitstaff, don't even bother with me."

Jeremy: 36, director/entrepreneur. "I'm most excited about subverting my own expectations about what dating is."

Joey: 30, business strategy consultant. "If I could tell the love of my life one thing, it's that I'll try my best to make her smile every single day for the rest of her life."

Brian: 32, advertising strategist. "I'm extremely outgoing and loud, so yeah, I don't know if everyone likes that."

Based on this, Vito and Brian sound the most like Shayne, but their unapologetic-ness makes me think that they are probably less extraverted than asshole-averted. Jeremy, even though he looks most like Shayne, sounds LinkedIn come to life, so I would bet he's too boring for Natalie.

I'm thinking either Rocky or Joey — they both are business professionals like Natalie, and seem to have empathy. What do you think?