Which couples do we think make it down the aisle?

I remember the biggest shocker I felt during Season 1 of Love Is Blind was how many people walked away at the wedding. But once we buy into the fact that the "engagement" is the trial run and then the wedding is like a "final rose ceremony" it's less shocking than, say, you being left at the alter IRL ya know? So who do we think is going to actually get married? Here's my thoughts:

-Iyanna and Jarrette: YES. Once you get past the fact that he proposed to a different woman first (😬), these two actually seem really compatible and have what it takes.

-Mallory and Sal: Probably? This pair seems super communicative and really determined to make it work.

-Deep and Shake: There's no way. And if they do get married, once she sees how he's spoken about her, I'd be shocked if it lasts.

-Danielle and Nick: Tentative No. This would have been the one couple I was sure was going to all the way during the pods, but it seems they are getting less and less compatible. They also have different communication styles which only leaves them frustrated.

-Natalie and Shayne: Probably not. These two are just the odd couple to me. At first it made no sense, but then they do seem so happy together on the show, but then the Shaina of it all made me question it again. Plus The Dipp posted an article stating that Natalie and Shayne don't follow each which seems sus.

What do you guys think?