Is Shayne From 'Love Is Blind' Dating Anyone Now? A Netflix Reality Star Has Entered The Chat

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Is Shayne From 'Love Is Blind' Dating Anyone Now? A Netflix Reality Star Has Entered The Chat

It seems like everyone in the Love Is Blind Season 2 cast is dating each other. And no, I don't mean they're getting back together with their exes, that would make too much sense. I mean they are dating other cast mates on the show — people they were not previously engaged to. (Like Deepti dating Kyle, or Natalie dating Sal.)

But what about Shayne Jansen, who is he dating after Love Is Blind. Love him or hate him (or wonder... about him), Shayne grabbed everyone's attention during the run of the show for his bouncing-off-the-walls behavior, less-than-ideal conflict management approach, and sockless wedding look. But after all is said and done, the guy deserves happiness right? (Just not with Natalie, please don't do that to Natalie.)

Shayne definitely had some unfinished business with Shaina, although things didn't seem to progress anywhere at the point of the Love Is Blind reunion. That may be because Shaina is engaged to someone else entirely (not from the pods) and and Shayne is still starting drama on Instagram between his cast mates. (Not as much as Shake though.)

So if he's not dating Shaina (who, again, is engaged), is he dating anyone else? During a Q&A on his Instagram, he seemed to hint that there was something worth teasing... a new relationship perhaps?

Image: Instagram, @shaynejansen

"Stay tuned" could definitely mean a lot of things. It's by no means an admission to having a significant other. In fact, it's actually a great response to use when your extended family asks if you're seeing anyone. "Stay tuned, Aunt Marge. Stay tuned."

But that wasn't enough for me. I decided to sleuth a little more and what I found truly left my jaw on the floor.

Shayne recently posted this photo. Nothing like a thirsty reality star, am I right? Well, what about if I said this photo featured two thirsty reality stars?

[rich Embed]

This photo had a comment from none other than Too Hot To Handle and The Circle's Chloe Veitch...

Could Chloe be this new GF Shayne is teasing us with? Do heart emojis mean anything these days? Am I about to go off into a fanfic spiral wondering if two of Netflix's most chaotic reality TV stars are possibly seeing each other? Or, at the very least, flirting with each other? I have nothing to base this on other than the commented heart, but according to Shayne, he'll tell all on an upcoming episode of The Viall Files. Consider me tuned in.

Images: Netflix

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