Shaina's new fiancé wears a beanie and other important facts

You have to hand it to the Love Is Blind cast. They have really managed to keep their name in the press even though they're not that interesting, rich, powerful, or good looking, which, let's be honest, is what's generally required for media attention. So ka-doos to Shaina who's now engaged to a new guy, and props to her because I seem to care. Shaina's fiancé is Christos Lardakis and he's pretty much the exact opposite of Kyle from Love Is Blind, which is exactly what she needs. (Not that I'm like rooting for her. I just need things to make sense!)

According to Shaina vis a vis a source who spoke to People magazine, "Shaina is engaged. She's been dating Christos for almost a year and this is the happiest I've ever seen her. He has stood by her side through all of the 'Love Is Blind' drama and has been her steady in the storm."

We found out via N*ck V*all's podcast that Shaina was in a serious relationship on March 2, and Christos proposed on March 10. 

FYI, Netflix said the reunion episode was filmed almost a year ago in the springtime of 2021. So maybe Shaina had jusssst started dating Christos, or was about to start. Doesn't seem like there was much overlap between filming and their romance.

So I did some googling and found out some interesting things I'd like to share about Shaina's new fiance. 

1) He's wearing a beanie in his private Instagram bio. I feel like this says a lot. Do with it what you will.

2) He's founder and CEO of a very popular brunch spot in Chicago... which KYLE AND SHAINA WENT TO ON THE SHOW. Interesting! It's called the Kanela Breakfast Club. Looks fun and good. Greek American food with several locations in the city.

3) His IG Bio links to CL Development, which is a Pre-construction Consulting, Project Management, Design-Build, General Contracting business in Chicago. Website is sleek and instills confidence that he'd be a good guy to hire to, idk, build out the commercial space of your dreams.

4) His LinkedIn says he's an "Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the restaurants industry. Skilled in Marketing Management, Business Planning, Sales, Hospitality Industry, and Event Management. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) focused in Business Administration and Management, General from DePaul University."

5) He is not wearing a beanie in his LinkedIn bio photo.

I think this is where I end my Shaina and Christos journey but I had to see what he's all about, only because Shaina was a villain on the show and I wanted to see who she's actually attracted to because lord knows it ain't and never was Kyle. Christos makes a lot of sense. All is right in the world again.