Ring of Power trailer CGI

Though I will certainly watch every single episode and likely enjoy it, I have to say after watching the trailer that I’m missing the practical elements used in the original films.

It’s almost a happy accident that the movies used miniatures instead of 100% CGI (since the latter was still in its infancy, and mostly just used to present crowds in battle scenes) — the result felt so much more tangible than any hyper-produced film since (including The Hobbit). Being able to use practicals makes things a little grittier, which makes otherworldly things look so much more grounded.

I know it’s cheaper overall to use CGI, and spending months to build miniatures doesn’t make much sense, but it feels like a lost art to movie-making. (I mean, even Jurassic Park, which used puppets back in 1993, looked more authentic than any of the Jurassic World.)

Rings of Power trailer: