Is anyone else watching Lizzo's Watch Out for the Big Grrrls?

I'm loving this show and feel like it's totally flying under the radar! Step it up, Amazon Prime!

I saw Lizzo in concert a few years ago and she was incredible and so were her backup dancers, so I'm loving the behind the scenes process of it all. Dancers freakin' amaze me.

But, what I especially love is that it shows that big girls can MOVE. I never get to see bodies like mine in the media portrayed as athletic and flexible and sexy and this show actually does that.

It still hits all the reality tv competition tropes but I'm genuinely hooked and since the show is leading up to a Bonnaroo performance (which, sadly, got canceled because of the pandemic) I genuinely don't know how this season is going to shake out.

Who else is watching this series? Who is your favorite dancer so far?