'I Know What You Did Last Summer's Honey Connection, Explained

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'I Know What You Did Last Summer's Honey Connection, Explained

The greatest mystery on I Know What You Did Last Summer has been solved.

No, I'm not talking about the identity of the killer, who, after seven episodes, is still at large — even after taking out the cinnamon rolls of the friend group, Johnny and Riley. Instead, I'm talking about the reason the entire cast is naked and covered in honey on the promotional posters for the show, which left many viewers with a whole bunch of questions.

The early episodes of the show had virtually nothing to do with honey. In fact, while there were bugs present in the heads of the victims of the mysterious murderer, it was spiders — not bees! — that were selected by cult member Clara, who may or may not be responsible for any of the killings.

So what gives with the honey? Well, as it turns out, it's Clara who once again is bringing the buggy action to I Know What You Did Last Summer — even if it took a minute to get there.

It's revealed at the end of episode 6 that Clara has encased various dead animals — and, in the case of poor Riley, people — in honey. In episode 7, we get a little more intel about its significance after it's discovered that Clara suffocated herself with honey, something that I, personally, had no idea was possible. (Whether Clara really killed herself, or whether Dylan assisted her in suicide or perhaps did something even darker to the show's most elusive character, is unclear.)

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