Cassie Beck Relives Courtney's "Grizzly, Country, Messed-Up" Death in 'IKWYDLS'

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Cassie Beck Relives Courtney's "Grizzly, Country, Messed-Up" Death in 'IKWYDLS'

With only a few episodes left of I Know What You Did Last Summer on Amazon Prime, the deaths are proving to be gorier and more impactful. This week found Riley left for dead and her mother, Courtney, as the killer's latest victim.

As part of our IKWYDLS post-mortem series, the Dipp spoke to Cassie Beck (Courtney) about her time on the show and what we can expect next.

THE DIPP: Were you a fan of the original movie? If so, what was it like reimagining such an iconic film?

CASSIE BECK: The movies are totally my era, so I absolutely saw them in their time. I’m super squirrely about horror films, but I did like this one. I remember when it came out, and it was everything – these stars and everything. And then, I did rewatch it – just the first one; I didn’t watch the whole series, but I did watch the first one again before we started shooting in Hawaii.

And you know what I want to say? I’m gonna tell you, Donny, because I have had this opportunity and I missed it, and I want to throw some love to Anne Heche. We all talk about the other characters, the teens at the center of that movie, and that’s who I was really into at the time, but now, playing Courtney all these years later and looking back at the film, now I totally identify with Anne Heche! So I just want to throw out some love to her because she did an amazing job in that movie.

Yes! When I’m watching it each week, I say to myself, “When is Anne Heche coming?" I’m waiting impatiently!

I know! We’ve been asked about cameos and other things like that, and of course we would love it if Sarah Michelle Gellar dropped by, but I’m also thinking, you know what? Anne Heche! Let’s make a cameo for her! She’s just terrific, and I modeled a little bit of Courtney on her, too. That’s my homage.

Speaking of Courtney, how soon did you know your character was going to die? Was this something you knew from the moment you signed on or did you find out during the table read for this episode?

I did find out when I was reading the script. When I auditioned, I had only read the first two scripts, and then when I booked the part, they sent me the rest of the series – up to Episode 6! So, I did know going in to shooting, but what we did not know… they never gave us Episode 7 or 8, so none of us knew the killer during shooting ... Then they gave us those scripts right before we shot 7 and 8.

Walk me through your reaction when you first found out your character wasn’t making it to the end.

I was at home; I was still in New York City. We hadn’t left for Hawaii yet. But you know what — listen, we know what we’re signing up for. People are gonna die. [Laughs.] People are gonna die, and there’s always possibilities with a genre like this. So I will say, mourn, but maybe don’t despair everything yet. Who knows what’s going to happen; I certainly didn’t know what was going to happen because I didn’t have 7 and 8! I showed up to O’ahu like, “Okay…”

What’s so great about Courtney is, she just really has a journey. She’s not who you expect her to be in the end, and what I loved about reading it, and mentally where I was, was “Wow, she really goes out with a fight and with a momma bear instinct.” And I don’t think that’s your first impression of her when we first meet her.

Why do you think Courtney had to die when she did? What was the importance of her dying now?

I think she was making a lot of noise. Probably for the killer, knowing if you’re gonna mess with Riley, you’re gonna mess with Courtney. They’re a duo. She’s a single mom. She’s fierce as all get out. She does not have a problem with making noise and getting out there. I just think they go hand-in-hand; if you’re gonna mess with one, you’re gonna mess with the other one.

What was filming your death scene like?

It was super fun! It was stunt-heavy, so that was cool. We also shot the car scene that day, and I got to drive my own stunt in the car which was super fun ... I thought it was really ingenious the way they set it up because when I read her barbed wire noose situation in the script, I was like how is that gonna get around her neck? I’m gonna walk into a noose? I’m gonna get trapped?

So, when I showed up on the day is actually the first time I saw the rigging, how they were setting it up. I had no idea it was going to be in a goat feed trough, I had no idea how they were going to set it up with the phone. I thought it was super ingenious and clever, and I totally bought it – of course if Riley’s phone goes off, she’s going to go over and pick it up, it’s just instinct, yeah? I thought it was just super smart and like, Alabama backwoods, kind of grizzly country messed-up.

You didn’t know who the killer was while you were filming, but when you did find out, were you shocked?

Yeah. I was, and I actually think they did a really good job of… let me just say, all will be revealed and explained, and I don’t think people are going to be disappointed. It’s very satisfying.

Is there another character in the show you would have loved to play if you weren’t cast as Courtney?

I’m going to be honest, no. The whale tail alone… Come on. All day long. The whale tail is in the script. She has a little Britney Spears’ G-string action the whole series, and I’m like “Done. Sign. Me. Up. Right. Now.”

And I like that even post-death, we still get the G-string one more time.

I know! It’s so good! It’s so good! I loved it.

There is a LOT of texting that goes on in this show. What text would Courtney have sent as her final words if he would have had the time? And who would the text have gone to?

I think probably Riley, and it probably would be You’re a survivor.

Can you give us one emoji that teases what’s to come?


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