Is Dylan The Killer On 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'? It Might Not Be That Simple

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Is Dylan The Killer On 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'? It Might Not Be That Simple

Amazon's I Know What You Did Last Summer has played its hand absurdly close to the chest, leaving fans with very little tangible evidence of who the killer could be. With characters getting chopped left and right (Riley's arm, Johnny's head) it was starting to become a simple process of elimination to see who the murderer leaving the titular message really was. However, Episode 6's "At Least You Have a Spare" may have just revealed all the cards: Could Dylan really be the person behind all the killings?

At the end of the sixth episode, Dylan was seen with Clara, who dragged Riley's body into the death cave. Clara pointed out that the tide was going to come in, suggesting that maybe, the two were planning on getting rid of Riley's body.

On the surface, Dylan being the killer could make sense. Dylan was seriously depressed after the accident, especially because of the guilt he felt over hooking up with Lennon instead of Allison, who he really loved. While Allison is technically alive, she's posing as Lennen, a fact that Dylan is completely unaware of. (Unless he's not, of course, which would be quite the twist.) So maybe this was just a case of the simplest answer is correct: Dylan wanted revenge on his friends for killing his longtime love.

Yet I'm not so sure things are that simple. For one thing, we have a few episodes to go, and the show wouldn't just hand us the answer that easily. Plus, while there's plenty of reason to be suspicious of Clara, we don't know if she actually killed anyone — just that she's well aware of what happened last summer.

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