Sebastian Amoruso Breaks Down Johnny's Final Moments In 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'

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Sebastian Amoruso Breaks Down Johnny's Final Moments In 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'

Amazon's I Know What You Did Last Summer proved from the premiere that it was not afraid to kill off some of its most important characters. With one half of our leading twins not surviving the first episode, we learned quickly that no one is safe. Each week, The Dipp will have a word with the dearly departed and dive further into their death scenes, their time filming the show, and hopefully offer hints at what's to come.

This week, we spoke with IKWYDLS's Sebastian Amoruso (Johnny), whose summer came to an early end in Episode 2 as the killer chose him as their first victim.

THE DIPP: Were you a fan of the original movie? If so, what was it like reimagining such an iconic film?

SEBASTIAN AMORUSO: I’m definitely a fan of the original movie now. I feel like I know it so well at this point. I’m definitely someone who can be too curious for their own good, so I gave myself a boundary on my original text research in order to focus on working the material we were written. I’m not sure it was necessary for the future and I don’t think I’d do it again, but it definitely helped me lower the risk of being psyched out and giving a performance I wasn’t proud of.

How soon did you know your character was going to die? Was this something you knew from the moment you signed on or did you find out during the table read for this episode?

I actually had the first two scripts sent to me when I was first reading for it, so I did know Johnny was gonna go out. I think it’s actually very exciting for this character to be the first slasher kill. I think it starts the ball rolling and sets a compelling frame. If he’s got the most solid moral compass out of all of them (regardless of the obvious circumstances of covering up a murder/manslaughter), what’s gonna happen to the rest of them?

Walk me through your reaction when you first found out your character wasn’t making it to the end.

When I found out Johnny wasn’t making it to the end I didn’t know it was going to be my character so I guess I wasn’t as emotionally invested as I would be learning it now. I do think that group needed to face the consequences of their actions. As an actor, however, I think it’s difficult for things to end, and I love my cast members and everyone working on this project, so it’s bittersweet, but I will be cheering them on from the sidelines always.

What was filming your death scene like?

My death scene was super intense for me. Honestly it might be one of the most intensely physical experiences I’ve had acting so far. It was crazy because Johnny was supposed to die in a gym and then crawl his way across the court with broken legs but for some reason the floors had been recently waxed so it was super difficult to slide across and I could only use my arms and torso. [Director Craig William Macneill] wanted that intensity to register on screen and, since we couldn’t get as much of the motion from the physical aspects, it needed to come from me. There are some five minute takes or so of me absolutely blowing my voice out while dragging myself over a waxed court. My hope is that the struggle will make it a more memorable scene.

Why do you think your character had to die when they did?

I think Johnny is the only character in the group who still has a good heart in him. To be honest I think the kids are relatable but not all redeemable, and in horror fashion I think so much of the fun is waiting for them to get what’s coming to them.

Were you aware of who the killer was while filming? Or was it a shock to you? When did you find out?

I had no clue. If I’m honest, I was kinda upset about not knowing, but I think art is collaborative and I trusted that they weren’t telling us for a good reason. I found out a couple months after I wrapped because the lovely, talented Madison Iseman (Allison/Lennon) FaceTimed me with the news and I LOVE the reveal. I think it will be satisfying.

Is there another character in the show you would have loved to play if you weren’t cast as Johnny? Why?

Geez, I think Johnny was the character I would have liked to play in most circumstances. All the characters in this show are in some way interesting or despicable and there could be a lot of fun to be had in playing up the comedic vapidity of teen culture even more. I haven’t been able to read past Episode 4, so I’m in the audience too now watching with everyone else. I guess if you want an informed answer, check back with me after it’s all over.

There is a LOT of texting that goes on in this show. What text would Johnny have sent as his final words if he would have had the time? And who would the text have gone to?

There is a lot of texting. I think that is a timeless teen trope actually. I don’t like to text in real life as much as other forms of communication, so my texts tend to be very short and generally logistical. I think Johnny’s would be, too. And he’d tell the group who the killer was. Obviously.

Can you give us one emoji that teases what’s to come?


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