The Cult On 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Could Set Up Season 2, Says Creator Sara Goodman

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The Cult On 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Could Set Up Season 2, Says Creator Sara Goodman

There are two kinds of people in this world: People who love cult drama, and people who don't get it. I am the former, and fortunately, so is Sara Goodman, the creator of I Know What You Did Last Summer, who infused some extra-creepy cult vibes into Amazon's juicy Lois Duncan adaptation.

The Season 1 finale of the TV series, which follows in the footsteps of the '90s slasher flick of the same name, revealed that social media influencer Margot was the killer, responsible for the gruesome deaths of her friends and peers. However, there may be even more horror heading our way in Season 2, which Goodman teases will focus a lot more on the cult looming in the show's background.

For those too focused on figuring out the identity of the killer, the cult is a major piece of local lore in the Hawaiian town, but the truth about it has thus far been shrouded in mystery. Here's what we know: Allison and Lennon's mother was in the cult, and their father seemingly got out of it. The mysterious Clara was still practicing the ways of the cult by herself, until she mysteriously "drowned in honey," allowing Margot to pin the murders on her. Dylan seems to be flirting a bit too close to the cult — though thus far, its practices have been pretty elusive. Goodman says that will all change should the show receive a second season pickup.

"In Season 2 we would definitely explore the cult origins, what they did, as well as what they believe," Goodman explains. "For me, the cult is a way to codify the secrets of the town, and give Dylan a belief system to deal with what he has done, just as people use faith to deal with things all the time. We definitely would find out what happened in that cave the night, with him and Clara."

One way the cult will tie into the present day is through Riley. Though it seemed like Margot killed Riley, in the final moments of Season 1, it's revealed she may be alive when Riley's "corpse" — which, it should be noted, has been completely covered in honey by Clara — opens her eyes.

And, uh, about that whole "honey" thing? Goodman has seen the chatter about the show's poster, which features the main cast dripping in honey. While it's obvious now that the cult is invested in using honey as a way to preserve bodies, Goodman says that the idea to use honey came from extensive research.

"I started reading about the antibiotic, antibacterial properties of honey, and how it has been used as an embalming agent since ancient times," she tells The Dipp. "There are monks who embalmed themselves while they were alive — they embalmed their organs from the inside by just ingesting honey, as they were dying. There were all these fascinating elements of honey and what it was used for, including what it’s used for today. When we were in Hawaii, my partner cut his leg and got a very bad gash. The ER doctor gave him this special honey from the military that he used. That was after we had broken the story. I was like, ‘We’re onto something! We’re telling the truth.’"

Expect more stickiness — and cult stuff — should a Season 2 of I Know What You Did Last Summer appear on the Hawaiian horizon.

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