The Major Clue That Bruce Is The Killer On 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Has Been Staring Right At Us

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The Major Clue That Bruce Is The Killer On 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Has Been Staring Right At Us

I Know What You Did Last Summer is coming to a close on Friday, which means all will be (hopefully) revealed. And while someone knows what these kids did last summer, I personally do not know who that someone is. But I do have a top suspect, and that's Allison and Lennon's dad, who I believe is behind the murders on the show.

Besides being the Worst Dad Ever, there have been clues from the third episode that seem to hint that Bruce could be the killer. Whenever Alison (as Lennon) slips up, revealing too much of her Alison persona, that person somehow ends up dead. The only person with as much to lose in that truth coming to light would be Bruce. But that's not even the biggest clue. Whenever someone talks about the murderer, the next scene seems to always cut to Bruce. Like, many times. Maybe it's just a means of storytelling, but to me it feels like one big fat clue.

To prove it, I went back to Episode 3, after the first kill happened, to track this trend...

Episode 3

The first time the group is talking about who could have killed Johnny they are at the Snak' n Stuff parking lot. Right after Margot says this...

Time Stamp: 05:50

We get a shot of the crew from the security camera (another clue, since last episode there was a shot of Bruce putting up a security camera) and then it cuts to, you guessed it, Bruce...

Time Stamp: 06:01

Episode 4

After "Lennon" gets swept into the water by the nude runners, "Alison's" body turns up right next to her in the water.

Time Stamp: 15:22

Right after this scene, we cut to our man Bruce.

Time Stamp: 15:23

While this moment is a bit different from one before, it still works with the theory... especially since we learned that Bruce had a part to play in "Alison's" killing.

Later on, while the crew is debriefing, Riley says, "Can we circle back around to who the fuck is trying to kill us?"...

Time Stamp: 18:59

Then it cuts to, you guessed it, Bruce.

Time Stamp: 19:04

Episode 6

After a wild night at Clara's, Riley ends up with a machete through the chest (...I still do not understand how she survived for that many hours). The crew gets together to talk about where she could be and the fact that there is a murderer still on the loose...

Time Stamp: 16:29

Quick cut to an image of Harold before cutting to our father of the year, Bruce.

Time Stamp: 16:44

When the friends think that Riley is dead, even though she is somehow still alive, they debrief at Margot's to talk about the killer. Low and behold, right after "Lennon" says "...cause we killed Alison?", Margot spots a killer...

Time Stamp: 28:25
Time Stamp: 28:28

This isn't even poetic. It's just straight up telling us, isn't it?

Episode 7

After the girls wake up and Dylan is still gone, they start speculating if he is the killer...

Time Stamp: 4:08

But the killer can't be Dylan, can it, because look who the scene cuts away to...

Time Stamp: 04:11

Once Clara is found dead in the cave, everyone assumes that the killer is caught and all is well. That is, until someone pushes Margot through the sliding glasses doors and leaves her for dead.

Time Stamp: 40:06

But who could have done such a thing? Cut to Bruce.

Time Stamp: 40:11

Have the clues been right in front of us all along?

Images: Amazon Prime, I Know What You Did Last Summer

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