We need to talk about Drive Me Crazy's Wackadoodle Twist Ending

Pop Quiz:

You've just shared a magical first kiss with your crush on your front porch. Things are heating up, so you decide to head inside....only to find your mom and his dad, post penetration, ready to bitch slap you back to reality: they are in love and your boy-toy is about to become your brother. Neat!

Do you:

a) Scream, gargle mouthwash (followed by a whole lot of tequila), and never mention the kiss (and subsequent brother boner) ever again

b) Take it in stride, stay the course, and head off to your childhood treehouse to get kinky with your kin. You know, really keep it in the family!

While this may seem like a very straightforward quiz with only one right answer, I think more of you need to revisit 1999's "Drive Me Crazy" staring Melissa Joan Heart and Adrian Grenier. The last 3 minutes are straight out of an M. Night Shyamalan thriller. Only this time, I find out I'm the one who has been dead the whole time, as the end of this film has officially killed every last shred of hope I had for humanity.

All jokes aside, this ridiculous (and unnecessary) plot twist got me thinking....what other movies have a surprise ending that left you, as the kids say, shookith? And follow up question: would you boink your step-brother if he looked like Adrian Grenier?