Is Giacomo Gianniotti Leaving 'Grey's Anatomy' After That Major DeLuca Episode?

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Is Giacomo Gianniotti Leaving 'Grey's Anatomy' After That Major DeLuca Episode?

Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy's March 11 episode, "Helplessly Hopeful." Was the wait worth it? For three months Grey's Anatomy fans waited idly by for new episodes of the show just to see what happened next in Grey's Sloan Memorial Hospital. Would Meredith live? Would Koracick live? Would DeLuca die? Oh, what's that? You weren't wondering if Andrew DeLuca, MD was going to die on the show where about 800 other people's lives were at higher risk? And now you've been blindsided and are probably asking yourself if actor Giacomo Gianniotti is leaving Grey's Anatomy too? We'll, I've got some news, and you're probably going to want to sit down.

After an emotional two hour journey in which DeLuca and his sister Carina fought to stop a recurring sex trafficker from hurting any more women in the future, DeLuca succumbed to the injuries he sustained in the Station 19 episode and died. It was the definition of touch and go; at one point, DeLuca was fully awake and throwing out a thumbs up to Owen, the next moment — and I literally mean the next moment — his entire chest was open and Owen's hand was diving in deep to stop him from crashing.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. After doing everything they could, Owen and Teddy lost DeLuca on the table and just like that he was reunited with his mom on the beautiful beach in Meredith's dreams and we were down one more doctor.

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