What Happened To Zoya & Julien's Mom On 'Gossip Girl' Is Darker Than Expected

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What Happened To Zoya & Julien's Mom On 'Gossip Girl' Is Darker Than Expected

Much of HBO Max's Gossip Girl reboot centers on Julien and Zoya attempting to navigate their newfound sisterhood, which thus far has been thwarted by a few things: their shared love of Obie, and the fact that their dads have a complicated history.

However, midway through the first season, Julien's father Davis and Zoya's dad Nick made amends in order to ensure that their feelings about one another don't cloud the friendship between the two sisters. Yet we never really knew the exact details of why Davis and Nick hated each other in the first place — until Gossip Girl's Thanksgiving episode, that is, which revealed the truth behind the initial father feud.

We knew that Zoya and Julien's mom left hat-obsessed Davis to be with Nick, and that she had Zoya while the two were still legally married. However, the real reason why Nick hated Davis so much has to do with what he did on the day Zoya was born.

When J and Z's mom went to the hospital to deliver baby Zoya, Davis got the call — and he refused to let Nick, her partner, into the hospital to see his newborn daughter or Zoya's mom. Zoya's mother was extremely ill, and died before Nick got to say goodbye to her. While Davis loathed Nick for stealing his wife (a debatable claim) Nick hated Davis because he cruelly kept those final moments with Zoya's mom from him.

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