Ranking The Parents On 'Gossip Girl' 2.0

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Ranking The Parents On 'Gossip Girl' 2.0

The original Gossip Girl may have mostly been about the teens of one of NYC’s most privileged private school, but our look into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite extended to a different group as well — the parents on Gossip Girl. Fans spent considerable time on the love life of Serena’s mom Lily, the shady dealings of Chuck’s awful dad Bart, and the waffle making of Rufus, the former rockstar father of Dan and Jenny.

We haven’t gotten to know the parents on HBO Max’s Gossip Girl continuation quite as well yet. Unlike in the OG Gossip Girl, we don’t know if any of them used to sleep with each other, which is probably a good thing for their kids’ sake. Instead, the authority figures looming in the background are typically the teachers — who, this time around, are literally Gossip Girl.

That’s not to say we don’t know anything about the new crew, however. Four episodes in and we have met quite a few parents. If we don’t know them as intimately as, say, Rufus and Lily, we at least know them enough to judge their parenting skills.

Without further ado, here are the parents ranked from best to worst — knowing full well that they still have time to improve in ranking…or disappoint us entirely.

Audrey’s Mom Kiki Hope

I have sympathy for Audrey’s mom, an athleisure wear designer. Her husband left her for her younger assistant and friend, which is downright cruel. That being said, she’s not exactly killing it in the parenting department. She treats her daughter like a sounding board for her emotions (don’t make your children your therapist!) and rarely shows up for Audrey when she needs her to. When Kiki made an appearance at a benefit event for Audrey’s school — that Audrey basically begged her to attend — she freaked out and got wasted after a rude comment from a fellow parent. While Kiki certainly has the right to her emotions, and definitely deserves all the mental health support during a difficult time, Audrey shouldn’t be the one navigating life alone.

Max’s Dad Roy

Images: HBO Max

As far as dads go, Roy is seemingly decent. He and Max have a good relationship, which includes nightly dinners and interesting conversation. Yet Roy is kind of sketchy towards his husband Gideon, who has started presenting as more androgynous than Roy is comfortable with. Instead of having that conversation — and seeing where the chips may fall after it — Roy searched for someone new online, breaking Max’s heart in the process. Who knew Max was counting on his dads to have a stable monogamous relationship all along?

Julien’s Dad Davis

As far as music producers who love fedoras go, Davis is surprisingly chill and clearly adore his only daughter Julien. He loses points for keeping Julien away from her half sister Zoya — and for doing so because he hasn’t quite gotten over the fact that Julien’s mother cheated on him with Zoya’s dad. Fortunately, Davis comes around on the whole Zoya thing and realizes how important it is for these sisters to get to know one another. Plus, while it wasn’t cool for Davis to hide his relationship with Lola (aka Beck from You!) he did so in order to make sure Julien wasn’t uncomfortable. You can’t blame a guy for trying?

Max’s Dad Gideon

Images: HBO Max

Gideon is an overall gem who Max clearly adores, but he does lose points for constantly pushing his keto agenda. They have a private chef! Who can cook anything!!!!!

Zoya’s Dad Nick

Images: HBO Max

Zoya’s dad is guilty of the same things that Davis is (as in, not allowing Zoya to bond with her sister) but he’s also the guy who moved from Buffalo to NYC in order to support his daughter getting the best education possible. He doesn’t want her to fall in with the Upper East Side crowd, but still agrees to get to know Obie — the so-called “prince of New York.” Right now, it’s clear that Nick would do anything for his daughter’s happiness, and isn’t that the ideal parent? Of course, if that flirtation with Kate Keller meant something…well, we may have to adjust his place on this list. Stay tuned.

Images: HBO Max

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