A New 'Gossip Girl' Theory Hints That Zoya Is Up To No Good

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A New 'Gossip Girl' Theory Hints That Zoya Is Up To No Good

There are a lot of people to be suspicious of on HBO Max's Gossip Girl revival. In episode 5, Monet tragically revealed she wasn't just a mean girl, but a backstabbing one who jumped off Julian's influencer ship in order to sail off with Blair and Serena wannabes. (Heartbreaking!) Rafa, Max's teacher-turned-love interest, was revealed to be exactly the snake many of us suspected him to be. (You know, just in case the whole "dating a student" thing wasn't evidence enough.) And, of course, teacher Kate is literally torturing her students as Gossip Girl, for no real reason other than the fact that she loves a power trip.

Yet some Gossip Girl fans wonder if there may be someone else we should keep an eye on as all this betrayal is going on: Zoya, a Buffalo transplant and Julian's little sister.

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Right now, Zoya seems like the moral center of the show. She cares about social issues, doesn't really get the big deal about social media, and with the exception of kinda-sorta flirting with Julian's boyfriend before the two were totally done, is attempting to play nice with her big sis. Redditor Juzztn, however, suspects otherwise.

"Zoya is a villain," they write. "She came to New York to do damage and take things. It explains why she's learning to maneuver through this world so quickly and why she could accept her sister's apology after showing that video. I truly believe Zoya has a plan to burn it all down and we will see if she's able to accomplish her goal."

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