The Dipp’s 'TV. Watch. Repeat.' Podcast Digs Into The History Of 'Gossip Girl's "Pilot"

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The Dipp’s 'TV. Watch. Repeat.' Podcast Digs Into The History Of 'Gossip Girl's "Pilot"

Within the first minute of the Gossip Girl pilot, it is painfully obvious that Dan Humphrey is up to something. Of course, hindsight is 2020, because when the 2007 episode first aired, fans were completely in the dark and the question of "who is Gossip Girl?" was just about the only think anyone could talk about. (The other question was: "Mom, can I get an LG Chocolate?")

In this week's edition of TV. Watch. Repeat., The Dipp's podcast about the history of your favorite TV pilots, hosts Kate Ward and Allison Piwowarski revisit the many mysteries of the Gossip Girl pilot: Was Chuck always this much of a creep? Why does Nate's hair look so bad? And how did they ever get these prep school kids on a public bus?

And the timing couldn't be better. With a Gossip Girl reboot on the horizon, it's only fitting that we revisit an episode that left many of us wondering why our school's wouldn't let us come and go as we please. Plus, we break down how Blake Lively got the job, why Ed Westwick almost didn't, and who the blonde was that was willing to go to dramatic hair lengths to get the gig.

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