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Welcome to The Dipp!

About 10 years ago, I found myself simply unable to watch another rerun of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. After countless late night marathons of Dick Wolf's third best series in the franchise, I needed something else besides Detective Robert Goren purring sleepily from my TV's speaker.

So I tried something new: Real Housewives of New York, a Bravo series that I had avoided, mostly because all my friends were watching The Walking Dead or Gossip Girl or other series that dominated the headlines, and, thus, our happy hour dates. But one episode into Housewives, I was hooked. Drama, backstabbing, unbelievable displays of unearned élan — I wanted to read more about it, to fall deeper into a community that didn't include one single person in my life, but every trip to an entertainment publication just led me to more headlines about the ever-trending and ever-trendy Blake Lively. Why wasn't there a site that allowed me to read about the TV series I cared about, and only TV series I cared about?

After working together for six years at Bustle Digital Group, my cofounder Lindsay Mannering and I recognized the problem I encountered back in 2010 had only grown deeper with time — entertainment sites became consumed with the racket of the daily news churn, clickbait, and ads. But, as fans of TV and entertainment ourselves, we were seeking knowledge, not noise. So we created The Dipp.

What is The Dipp? It's a site that allows you to read articles about some of your favorite shows, written by experts and fans focused on depth, not clicks. Our personalized subscription site allows you follow high-quality coverage surrounding the shows you love, and the shows you love only. Unlike other publications, our priority is you, the reader.

Which is why we would love your feedback! Relax, dive in, and wade your way through our site (we named ourselves The Dipp to evoke the fun and depth of a swimming pool, after all), and let us know what you think by emailing hi@thedipp.com. Also, by signing into The Dipp, you'll gain access not only to our weekly newsletter, but also notifications of virtual events in the coming months.

We're excited to have you as an early supporter of The Dipp, and to learn more about you as we gear up for our launch. In the meantime, enjoy The Dipp's site, and email us to discuss the behavior of the New York Housewives, of course. Now that's especially heinous.

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