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About 10 years ago, I found myself simply unable to watch another rerun of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. After countless late night marathons of Dick Wolf's third best series in the franchise, I needed something else besides Detective Robert Goren purring sleepily from my TV's speaker.

So I tried something new: Real Housewives of New York, a Bravo series that I had avoided, mostly because all my friends were watching The Walking Dead or Gossip Girl or other series that dominated the headlines, and, thus, our happy hour dates. But one episode into Housewives, I was hooked. Drama, backstabbing, unbelievable displays of unearned élan — I wanted to read more about it, to fall deeper into a community that didn't include one single person in my life, but every trip to an entertainment publication just led me to more headlines about the ever-trending and ever-trendy Blake Lively. Why wasn't there a site that allowed me to read about the TV series I cared about, and only TV series I cared about?

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