Zoya, You're In the Wrong About Obie & Julien

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Zoya, You're In the Wrong About Obie & Julien

The latest episode of HBO Max's Gossip Girl reboot reveals the fallout of Julien and Obie hooking up following last season's housing rights protest. In the new episode, Zoya is concerned that her older sister slept with Zoya's new boyfriend, who Zoya royally pissed off after a dramatic dinner in which she basically called out his parents and his BFF's dad for ruining the fabric of American society. Yet while Julien and Obie are terrified that Zoya will find out the truth — yes, of course they slept together, this is Gossip Girl — I am here to play devil's advocate: Zoya, you have zero leg to stand on here.

Look, I'm well aware that Zoya didn't "steal" Obie from Julien. If anything, it's weird that Obie pursued a high school freshman immediately after ending things with his long-term girlfriend — and even weirder that this high school freshman happens to be the one blood relative that Julien has at the school. Yet, it has to be said: Zoya choosing to ignore Julien's feelings in favor of hooking up with the most oatmeal character Gossip Girl has to offer means that, yeah, I'm not particularly sorry about it blowing up in her face.

The logic of Zoya deciding to move full-speed-ahead with Obie never sat right with me. Zoya was so invested in forming a friendship with her sister that she moved from Buffalo to NYC, yet the moment she gets there, she starts making eyes at her sister's first love?! In my mind, that's pretty unforgivable — yet Julien, bless her heart, forgives her for it. And not in the Lauren Conrad way of, "I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you." She legitimately gives Zoya the go-ahead to have a lovely relationship with her ex, all so that Julien can finally foster a relationship with her long-lost sister.

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