Every 'Gossip Girl' Reboot Question We Have For When The Show Returns

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Every 'Gossip Girl' Reboot Question We Have For When The Show Returns

Who said the new Gossip Girl crew hasn't mastered scandal yet?

After six episodes, the new crop of students at Constance Billiard and St. Jude's finally lived up to their CW predecessors — at least, when it came to daddy issues, boyfriend stealing, and threesome-having. Alas, just when so much came to a head, HBO Max pulled the cruelest trick of all and had Episode 6 of the Gossip Girl reboot be the last episode for months. Months!

Of course, we can likely blame the pandemic for pushing back the show's shooting schedule, but that doesn't mean that the November return date is any easier to deal with. Fortunately, just because there are no new Gossip Girl episodes on the near horizon, doesn't mean we can't mull over all the drama that is ahead. In fact, the final episode of GG gave fans plenty to think — and speculate — about. After all, the show ended on several cliffhangers...and it's only going to get more dramatic from here on out.

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Here are the questions that we're dying to know the answers to...and the back half of Season 1 will hopefully provide.

What's up with Aki's dad and Julien?

It was bad enough that Aki's media mogul father outed him to the media in order to save face in a discrimination lawsuit (watching Aki scramble to tell a reporter that he's not gay, but bisexual, was pretty horrific) but it seems that this bad dad has another trick or two up his sleeve. In a final voicemail to Aki, he tells him to "stay away from Julien," who hasn't even been around Aki for the entire episode. Is it because Julien was spotted at a protest with Obie, and Aki's father can't deal with another public scandal? Or, could there be some other mysterious reason why Aki's dad needs his son to steer clear of the gang's ringleader? (Maybe it's all the years of Pretty Little Liars and Riverdale getting to me, but could he have had anything to do with Julien's mom's death?!? She came up a lot in this episode!)

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