So, Why Did Tully & Kate Break Up On 'Firefly Lane'?

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So, Why Did Tully & Kate Break Up On 'Firefly Lane'?

Friendships come and go, but what Tully and Kate had was supposed to be forever. Which is why fans were so shocked when the season finale of Firefly Lane ended with Kate turning Tully away from her father's funeral. The two former BFFs are definitely not on speaking terms, but the reason why Tully and Kate broke up on Firefly Lane isn't explained. We didn't even get a hint!

"When I said I could never forgive you for what you did, what did you think that meant?" Kate told Tully at the funeral before turning her away. "Leave. I don't ever want to see you again." Ouch.

It sounds like Tully and Kate haven't been speaking for a while at this point. I would bet on years or months at least. Given that their friendship survived Tully sleeping with Kate's crush and future husband and Tully helping Kate's daughter get birth control behind her back, whatever happened, it's bad — like really, really bad.

In the original book by Kristin Hannah, Tully breaks Kate's trust when she invites Kate and her daughter, Marsh, on her show to help their relationship. Once on air, Kate learns that the segment is about "overprotective mothers and the teenage daughters who hate them," and is really all about bashing her skills as a parent. Their friendship never recovers.

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But, Firefly Lane stars Sarah Chalke (Kate) and Katherine Heigl (Tully) aren't so sure that the show will go that route. "I'm so curious what it is," Chalke said, hinting that their falling out might be something entirely new in an interview with TheWrap. "Their bond is so strong and they are so loyal to each other; it seems like they can overcome anything. I'm so curious to find out like, what is it? What is that one thing?"

Heigl, meanwhile, said that the true cause of the rift between Kate and Tully is still up to showrunner Maggie Friedman. But she does have one request: no cheating. "It cannot be that Tully sleeps with Johnny. I don't think any friendship would come back from that," Heigl told "I will fight to the death that it not be that."

Of course, we won't actually learn what happened between Tully and Kate unless Netflix gives Firefly Lane a Season 2. "I'm hoping that we get multiple seasons, and you want to make sure that you're dolling it out in the right way for that," Friedman told Collider. Also speaking with Collider, Chalke even suggested that the reveal could come later, in "Season 5." Lord help us all.


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