We Need To Talk About The Dog In 'Firefly Lane' (And Why I Can't Stop Thinking About 'Grey's Anatomy')

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We Need To Talk About The Dog In 'Firefly Lane' (And Why I Can't Stop Thinking About 'Grey's Anatomy')

It's only natural to experience a few Grey's Anatomy flashbacks while watching Firefly Lane. After all, the drama does star Izzie Stevens herself, Katherine Heigl, as Tully, a woman who has a complex relationship with her mother, and it takes place in Seattle. There's even a sexy EMT, so the show practically has its own McDreamy. But while I was prepared for a few similarities between the two, I was in no way ready for Firefly Lane to invoke memories of one of Grey's most tragic deaths during its fifth episode, "Sweet Child 'O Mine." Major spoilers for Firefly Lane and Grey's Anatomy Season 2 ahead.

Look, Grey's has a killed off a lot of characters over the years — including Denny Duquette, Lexie Grey, and Derek Shepherd — and I have wept for most for them. But to this day, the scene that still makes me hardcore, ugly sob the hardest remains Doc the dog's death. And I know I'm not alone.

Anyone who has ever lost a pet knows it hurts like hell, and it's a grief that's incredibly complicated to process in part because sometimes non-pet owners don't fully acknowledge just how heartbreaking the experience is for their friends and family members. Having that loss be tangled up with the metaphorical death of a relationship, as it is for Derek and Meredith in Season 2's "Losing My Religion," takes things to a whole new level.

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