This 'Euphoria' Theory About Nate & Laurie May Connect The Two Villains

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This 'Euphoria' Theory About Nate & Laurie May Connect The Two Villains

The villain of Season 1 of Euphoria was without a doubt Nate Jacobs. Come Season 2, Nate is even worse — like, "threatens Maddy with a gun" worse — yet he's not the only person that Euphoria fans are terrified of this season. Laurie, Rue's drug dealer, has seriously terrible intentions for Zendaya's character, which no doubt will play out to a dramatic end later on. Now, some fans speculate that Nate and Euphoria's new villain may have a significant connection, other than giving viewers serious secondhand anxiety.

The theory comes from TikTok account @GiletSlays, run by comedian Anthony Gilét. He suspects that Nate's mother Marsha is the sister of Laurie, and honestly? It kind of checks out.

The first reason Gilét provides is the pair's physical similarity, which is pretty striking. It's not just that Marsha and Laurie have similar features, either — they both share nearly the same hair color, and it's even styled similarly. Could it be because the show wants to drop subtle clues that there's a connection between these two characters?

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Perhaps. As Gilét points out in his video, there's also a different potential clue that is making Laurie and Marsha's connection plausible. On Euphoria, Laurie says that she was once an athlete with a family life so perfect, it could belong in a Sears catalog. However, when Laurie started using drugs, that life crumbled away. It certainly sounds a lot like the life that Marsha wants the public to believe she leads, too, despite Euphoria viewers knowing that Marsha and her husband Cal's relationship was a total fraud.

And speaking of that — Marsha is hardly as kind or as good of a mom as she appears to be, either. That was evidenced in the last episode in which she and Nate are drinking in the kitchen, and she basically tells Nate she's happy that he physically abused his girlfriend — to which even Nate is appalled. She also suggests that Maddy would have gotten herself pregnant with Nate's baby just to spite him, which may be a hint that she did the same thing with Cal after she suspected he may be interested in men — which is a seriously manipulative, and honestly very Laurie thing to do.

This wouldn't be the first time someone suspected Laurie had a secret family connection. Many Euphoria fans, including Gilét, think that Laurie is Ashtray's mom, a.k.a the woman who put him up as collateral during a drug deal, and never returned. If that is true, then Laurie's even more messed up than one thought — though, if anything, that might only make the potential family relation to Marsha stronger. Forget the kids: The adults are not alright on this show.

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