Laurie's Birds On 'Euphoria' Represent Something Terrifying For Rue

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Laurie's Birds On 'Euphoria' Represent Something Terrifying For Rue

If you wore your Apple Watch during Sunday night's Euphoria, you may have noticed your heart rate was off the charts during Rue's time in Laurie's house — which is full of caged birds and bad vibes.

Laurie is the monotoned drug dealer that Rue "borrowed" $10,000 worth of drugs from under the ruse of selling it for profit... but instead of selling the drugs, Rue just did them. To make matters worse for Rue, Jules and her mom found the suitcase of drugs and flushed all of the pills, leaving Rue in a really bad place with Laurie. In "Stand Still Like the Hummingbird," Rue tried to make good with Laurie (and get another fix) by bringing her stolen cash and jewelry — which wasn't good enough for the dealer. Instead, Laurie "helped" Rue by shooting her up with morphine — despite the fact that Rue insisted she never took drugs intravenously and didn't want to.

Rue woke up days later with an intense bruise on the vein where Laurie injected her with morphine, only to find that Laurie had locked her in the house. As Rue attempted to leave the house, she turned and saw one of Laurie's birds in a cage. At the time, Rue was concerned about the bird making noise, and waking up the other people in the house, threatening her escape. But the bird also represents something much darker for Rue — the fact that she's now a prisoner of Laurie's, whether or not she physically remained in that house.

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As Laurie told Rue in "Stand Still Like the Hummingbird," she knew from the moment she met Rue that she would be in her life for a very long time. This wasn't a sweet, "we'll be friends forever!" kind of a thing. It meant that Laurie knew she could trap Rue, thanks to her addiction — Rue is Laurie's new bird in a cage.

As we saw in the episode, Laurie actually had pills that Rue could take to stop her withdrawal, but instead, Laurie chose to give Rue morphine through injection. She wanted Rue to become even more reliant on her, and therefore found a way to encourage Rue to fall deeper and deeper into her addiction. She even hinted that Rue could turn to sex work if she ever needed money for drugs — implying that she may one day become the person facilitating that for Rue.

It's a stark contrast to the beginning of the season, in which Rue finds her interactions with Laurie and the other drug dealers almost funny — she embraces the chaos, because ultimately, she's relatively safe from harm, compared to people who are more involved like Fez. In fact, it's Fez who reminds Rue that when it comes to people like Laurie, things are extremely serious.

Now, Rue has finally realized what Fez meant: If she's not careful, Laurie will trap her, if she hasn't already.

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