7 Theories About ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 2

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7 Theories About ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 2

Emily is the girl who went to Paris. Sorry, LC. She reappropriated the word ringarde, taught her French coworkers about the importance of “engagement” on social, and, yes, in the world of the show, became an out-and-out influencer of Parisian lifestyle in her own right. Who can't relate to being ~lonely in Paris~ while overlooking the Seine at a riverside cafe, no?

Last we left Emily, she and Gabriel did the deed before he was suppose to leave to open a restaurant in his hometown of Normandy, she was planning a trip to Southern France with her new suitor Mathieu, and she was “un-fired” from her job at Savoir. But we find out in the last scene that Maison Lavaux owner (and Sylvie’s lover) Antoine decided to invest in the city’s “most promising young chef” and back Gabriel to buy the restaurant he worked at... in Paris. And like clockwork, Emily gets a frantic text from Gabriel’s ex-girlfriend Camille asking to talk.

So where does that leave those of us who binged all of Emily in Paris in one sitting? I decided to ponder the possibilities for Emily’s affairs in Paris if the Darren Star-produced series does receive the Season 2 greenlight from Netflix. (UPDATE: A renewal was announced!) And hey, if I can’t be a broad abroad myself at the moment, might as well ponder scenarios for another American expat.

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