The 'Elite' Le Ball Outfits Ranked From Fashion Fail To Runway Worthy

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The 'Elite' Le Ball Outfits Ranked From Fashion Fail To Runway Worthy

Like any prince worth his future crown, Phillipe Florian Von Triesenberg's first decree as a student at Las Encinas is to throw a ball (well, his second decree, his actual first decree is for cameras to be installed everywhere). And you better believe the Elite teens come ready to wow with dresses and tuxes only they could pull off. Still, not all Le Ball looks are created equal.

When it comes to fashion, Elite is nothing if not daring. After all, this is a show where every character spends half of their time wearing a school uniform without ever once sacrificing their individuality. So it only makes sense that when a literal prince throws them a ball, the teens go all out when it comes time to make their grand entrance.

Of course, not every character's look hits the mark. Several of the guys are clearly phoning it in, and while I'm used to male celebs on the red carpet going with the most basic looks possible, these teens are trailblazers. On an average day, they tend to dress like time travelers who raided a mall in 2004, so you can't tell me they can't do better than a giant bowtie when it's time to party.

Read on to see who stole the show at Le Ball, and who should have just stayed home and spared themselves the embarrassment of a turtleneck/tux combo.

8. Ander

Normally, Ander is the very definition of cool, so the world may never know why he tossed on a tux jacket over a turtleneck and called it a day when it came time to go to the ball. Maybe his heart just wasn't in it since Omar couldn't be his cavalier? Whatever his excuse is, this look is tragic.

7. Patrick

If I learned one thing about Patrick over the course of Season 4 it's that he's a secret vampire. OK, I'm kidding, but come on what a twist that would have been. But seriously, the guy loves a cravat, and he's not afraid to improvise one out of his school uniform's tie. In that way, his look for the ball is very on brand — he rocks a huge bowtie that covers up his neck, but overall, this is a boring look for a guy who regularly wears nothing but a leather harness.

6. Guzmán

First things first, Guzmán's all black look is a terrific contrast to all of the other guys' white tuxes. I also like the shiny detailing at his collar. Could he have used a few accessories to liven things up a bit? Absolutely, but this is a solid, if a bit safe style choice.

5. Cayetana

Poor Cayetana doesn't have the best time at the ball, so I'm not going to pile on, but wow is that a lot of tulle. The effect is soft and angelic, which works especially well given her emotional state at the party. Still, it feels like there's just a little bit too much happening here.

4. Phillipe

The man of the hour wants to make a statement, and he does it with full tails and a sparkly bolo tie. And while I suspect his look may divide fans, I for one love it. It's clear Phillipe wants to stand out from the crowd, and he more than accomplishes his mission by going with a daring tux rather than a traditional one.

3. Rebe

If anyone else wore this dress, it would look ridiculous, but Rebe is a queen who pulls it off with ease. Part of what sells this sheer, sparkly number is her attitude. But can we also take a moment to appreciate her accessories, namely that bold choker featuring her initials? This is a look. Granted, it's not a look many people could make work, but it's one that perfectly exemplifies Rebe's ability to wear her badass attitude as an armor.

2. Mencía

Leave it to Mencía to subvert gender norms, and create a Goth goddess look with nothing more than a tux, a top hat, and some safety pins. While I suspect her glittery red lips weren't super comfortable, there's nothing about her killer outfit that I would change.


I'm just going to say it: Ari is a style icon. Every single one of her Season 4 looks is on point, but her ball style is particularly spectacular. Her dress is reminiscent of the roaring '20s, but with a 2020s twist. The flowy lace creates the illusion of constant movement, while her accessories subtly compliment and update her classic look. This is truly a chef's kiss ensemble.

Elite's fashions are always a joy to watch, but the show really outdid itself with Le Ball — minus Ander's turtleneck, of course.


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