The 3 Biggest Inconsistencies In The 'Dexter: New Blood' Finale

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The 3 Biggest Inconsistencies In The 'Dexter: New Blood' Finale

The original Dexter was never a show for those who couldn't engage in a good amount of suspension of disbelief. I mean, the sheer fact that Dexter was never caught is astounding. But the Dexter: New Blood finale inconsistencies may have even shaken those who know the series and its revival are firmly placed in the fiction genre. Spoilers ahead for Dexter: New Blood.

Perhaps nitpicking the finale is just fans' way of distracting themselves from Dexter Morgan's death. But there were some significant-seeming plot holes that "Sins of the Father" never addressed. And that's even without wondering where Harrison's half-siblings Cody and Astor were (as well as Harrison's maternal grandparents) or why Edward Olsen was a character at all (a lazy red herring if ever there was one).

Here are the three biggest perceived plot holes from the New Blood finale. But a warning: Fixating on these won't bring back Dexter Morgan.

1. Ketamine Vs. M-99

One of the reasons Angela is able to figure out that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher is because Dexter had injected drug dealer Jasper Hodge in the neck with ketamine (and he had planned to inject drug dealer Miles O'Flynn with it too). Injecting his victims in the neck with a sedative was a signature move of the Bay Harbor Butcher's, so she concludes that the matching weal marks and drug injection prove that Dexter is the real BHB. But Dexter didn't use ketamine in the original series. He used M-99, or etorphine hydrochloride — which Masuka described in Season 1, Episode 6, "Return to Sender" as "an animal tranquilizer more powerful than morphine. It causes total paralysis."

Of course, Dexter wouldn't give himself away and correct Angela by saying, "Well actually, I used M-99 as the Bay Harbor Butcher in Miami but had to settle for ketamine in Iron Lake." But you'd think maybe his internal monologue would show this isn't the slam dunk that Angela thinks it is since the drugs were different.

Furthermore, as fans on Reddit have brought up, the issue isn't necessarily the discrepancy between the type of drugs that Dexter used. It's that the original show never made the connection between Dexter's killing ritual of the needle in the neck to his victims. In Season 2, authorities did bring up the bodies of some of Dexter's victims that were dumped in the ocean. But there was never a discussion about matching weal marks on their necks... if their necks had been intact enough to compare weal marks (gross but true). They had taken blood samples to compare to the blood slides, but investigators never mentioned blood samples showing M-99... if something like that would have even still been present in their systems (hey, I'm not the forensics expert, that's Dexter).

But when Angela Googled the words, "ketamine miami homicide," in Episode 8 of New Blood, a page about the Bay Harbor Butcher was the first hit. It's a true crime "fan" page where it says the BHB's victims "were captured, rendered unconscious with Ketamine injected into their neck."

This could have been someone making a logical conclusion based on the fact that Dexter's victims were seemingly knocked out before he murdered them. And since viewers all know that Dexter did inject his victims, perhaps people can overlook it. After all, anyone who watches Dexter knows he's guilty as hell. But with the drugs being different and the original series not establishing that this was a signature move of the Bay Harbor Butcher, Angela's case against Dexter wasn't as rock-solid as she thought.

2. Tess Being A Victim Of Kurt's

In the penultimate episode, it looked like the Iron Lake school teacher and bartender Tess was a victim of Kurt's. In his trophy room, Kurt had the bust of a woman that looked very much like Tess actor Gizel Jimènez with the same haircut and everything. But, Tess was apparently alive and well since she showed up in the finale to help out Dexter and Harrison after their house fire.

Executive producer and writer Scott Reynolds addressed this one on Twitter when someone asked him to explain how Tess was dead in one episode and alive in the next. Reynolds wrote back, "That wasn't her. It's a victim with dark hair who kinda looks like her." Jimènez tweeted something similar back on Jan. 4 when a fan mentioned it looked like Tess was in Kurt's trophy case. "Although she does look a lot like me... it's not!! You will see Tess in the final episode," Jimènez wrote.

Kurt had a type when it came to his victims since he mostly killed brunette women. So I guess it's just a coincidence, but it would've helped if the show hadn't made one of the busts someone who looked an awful lot like Tess to avoid confusion.

3. Dexter's Letter To Hannah

In New Blood Episode 2, "Storm of Fuck," Harrison mentions the letter Dexter wrote to Hannah explaining that he was still alive. Harrison asks his dad, "Why did you leave us? Was it because of what you wrote in the letter?" He then pulls the letter out, reading that Dexter told Hannah to reach out if Harrison starts exhibiting "dark tendencies." Harrison believes his dad left because of the darkness he saw in him, but Dexter explains that it was his own demons that caused him to abandon Harrison.

But when the full contents of the letter are revealed in the season finale after Dexter's death, it's pretty clear that Dexter left because of his "own urges" — not Harrison's. Harrison obviously has every right to demand clarification from his dad because a single letter after years of abandonment isn't going to cut it. And he's more than allowed to still be very angry about it. Plus, any child would have a hard time accepting Dexter's reasoning... especially without the knowledge that he's a literal serial killer. But, as fans on Reddit are commenting, it kind of seems that the letter Harrison had read before the finale doesn't match the one that's featured in the final moments.

If I'm being real nitpicky here (and why the hell not, right?) the letter Harrison reads aloud in Episode 2 says, "Reach out to me if Harrison shows any dark tendencies." But in the finale, the words Dexter used in the letter were, "So, unless Harrison starts showing any dark tendencies, I beg you, let me die so my son can live."

Harrison could have been paraphrasing in Episode 2. And Michael C. Hall's reading of the letter to Hannah was a poetic end to Dexter's story. So perhaps it's better not to (ahem) read too much into the letter. But if the New Blood finale was the Dexter team's way of trying to make fans who hated the original ending happy, these inconsistencies worked against them... at least for the nitpicker fans out there in the world.

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