8 Theories About The "Inevitable" 'Dexter: New Blood' Finale

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8 Theories About The "Inevitable" 'Dexter: New Blood' Finale

With the New Blood finale here, there's basically two teams Dexter fans can be on. Are you Team Dexter should go on killing forever with his son sidekick by his side? Or Team it's finally time that Dexter gets his? Well, these Dexter: New Blood finale theories give both scenarios — with a dash of patricide.

Showrunner Clyde Phillips told TVLine about the New Blood finale, "It's going to be surprising, inevitable, and it's going to blow up the internet." He said something similar when he was on The Hollywood Reporter's podcast TV's Top 5. "I'm going to quote Chekov," Phillips said (at 1 hour and 2 minutes in). "Chekhov said that the ending should be surprising yet inevitable. Ours is surprising, inevitable, and satisfying. The audience will be satisfied with the end while their own brains are exploding."

Surprising, inevitable, and mind (or, internet) blowing. With those adjectives, no fan may be able to predict 100% what's going to happen. But here's the theories on how New Blood could end and what Dexter's fate will be.

1. Harrison Will Kill Dexter

One of the more popular theories is that Harrison will kill Dexter. With the finale title being, "Sins of the Father," Harrison might want his father to pay for his sins.

They were getting their Christmastime murder father-son bonding in the penultimate episode, but there were a few signs that Harrison could turn his Dark Passenger on his father.

  • Dexter lied to Harrison that he killed Trinity because Trinity killed Rita. In reality, Rita died because of Dexter's actions, so if Harrison learned the true circumstances surrounding his mom's death, he'd be pretty pissed.
  • Dexter didn't tell Harrison that he had killed Matt Caldwell. It wasn't until Kurt was on Dex's table that Harrison learned that Kurt had been coming after him out of revenge.
  • Harrison was queasy at his father's expert handling of all that blood, especially as it flashed him back to Rita's murder.

Considering Dexter wanted nothing to do with Harrison just a couple of weeks earlier, all these lies, and his own Dark Passenger, Harrison has more than enough motivation to kill his father. And honestly, Dex deserves it — if not for what he's done to Harrison for everything else he's done. But could Harrison successfully kill his expert serial killer dad?

Well, Dexter is so deliriously happy that he's shared his deep, dark secret with his son that he's being rather oblivious. So Harrison could best him either because Dexter isn't expecting it.

A major theme of New Blood is fathers and sons, so what would be more fitting than Dexter being killed by his own son after they both witnessed their moms being murdered?

2. Harrison Will Turn Dexter In To The Authorities

A less extreme version of the first theory is that Harrison will use Dexter's Dark Passenger and Code confessions against him — not murder him. Right now, Angela has a lot of hunches that Dexter is a serial killer but not much solid evidence. Harrison could provide details and evidence to the police that get his father convicted.

The previews for the last episode already indicate that Dexter will be taken in and processed at the police station at Iron Lake. Since the promos wouldn't want to give away the finale ending, that's most likely be for the murder of Matt Caldwell and Dexter will probably get out of that one. But then maybe Harrison learns the truth about the timeline of the Trinity Killer, feels betrayed, and hands over a ton of evidence to Angela that will be what's needed to incarcerate Dexter for good.

3. Harrison Will Kill Angela

On the flip side, Harrison might not want to help Angela now that he's bonding with his dad. Reddit user javiergame4 believes that rather than Dexter dying, Angela will be the one to go at the hands of Harrison. Audrey will tell Harrison how her mom is investigating the Bay Harbor Butcher and he'll kill Angela to defend his dad.

Though keeping Michael C. Hall around is tempting, I can't imagine Dexter would condone this kill. Even if Dexter has no real feelings for the Iron Lake police chief, Angela hasn't done anything bad enough to fit the Code. Would Dexter worry about the monster he created in Harrison and perhaps kill Harrison, just as he killed his biological brother and adopted sister?

4. Angela Will Let Dexter Go Because He Avenged Iris

Angela seems pretty passionate about figuring what the hell Dexter has been up to. But Distractify has an out-there theory that once she learns that he's killed Kurt — the man responsible for killing Iris, Molly Park, and all those other missing women on her board — that she'll let Dexter go. This theory hinges on if Angela will think that Dexter's brand of justice is better than the police's.

5. Dexter Will Die Saving Harrison

Dexter has a severe mental health disorder, but according to Hall, he isn't a "total sociopath." He uses his Code to save people all the time, but it's also so he can fulfill his urge to kill. But what if his final act was doing something truly unselfish ulterior motives... like saving his son Harrison? For those that view Dexter more as an antihero than a serial killer, this would be a noble ending for Dexter.

But what could Harrison need saving from? Will he be tied to Kurt's murder, so Dexter has to take the sole blame? Will it be revealed that Harrison killed Hannah, so Dexter will confess that he did it? Or will the circumstances be more life-and-death than that with someone coming after Harrison and Dexter jumping in to save his life?

6. Dexter Will Be Extradited To Miami

Did New Blood really only bring in David Zayas's Angel Batista for one measly police conference? Well, since it seems they only brought in John Lithgow's Trinity Killer for one measly flashback, possibly. But Angel could be brought back in the season finale if Angela turns him over to Miami PD as the real Bay Harbor Butcher. As fan Papatheodorou said on Reddit, Dexter ending up in Miami would be a full circle moment for the show.

From there, could Harrison help Dexter escape, so they can go on killing together? Meh. The most likely answer is that Dexter would face the death penalty since capital punishment is still legal in Florida. Since Phillips has already stated he would have ended Dexter with him facing execution, it's likely Dexter's move to Florida would be what leads him to die.

7. Harrison Will Ascend Dexter's Throne

Phillips mentioned on TV's Top 5 podcast that New Blood is exploring whether Harrison has a Dark Passenger or not. You could say the show has established he has already, but is Harrison's Dark Passenger as Dark as Dex's? If so, then after Dex is imprisoned or killed (I'm going with the latter), Harrison will want to keep doing his father's mission of murdering bad people to quell his own urge to kill. Harrison will go on to follow the Code of Harry, passing the "Sins of the Father" down onto another generation.

8. A Dead Dexter Will Be Harrison's Guide

If Dexter dies and Harrison does take over his father's role in society, then Bleeding Cool threw out the theory that Dexter will become the voice in Harrison's head and represent Harrison's Dark Passenger. Even if Dexter isn't the embodiment of Harrison's "Dark Passenger," he could be his son's guide or confidant, like Harry and Deb were for Dex. Of all the theories, this one feels the most inevitable as it continues the pattern of inherited trauma, follows the themes of fathers and sons, and lets Hall's Dexter live on in some form.

Phillips also said on TV's Top 5, "Never say never," about Dexter returning in some form at the 1:00:39 mark. "Anything can happen and I'm not going to commit to the fact that this is the absolute end of the franchise... I think that's a pretty revealing answer." So rather than Harrison go on to live peacefully ever after, it sure as hell sounds like he'll be taking on the mantle of new Dexter.

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