Who Is New Serial Killer That Dexter Is Going To Have To Kill On 'New Blood'?

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Who Is New Serial Killer That Dexter Is Going To Have To Kill On 'New Blood'?

No matter where Dexter Morgan goes, serial killers follow. Spoilers ahead. The new serial killer in Dexter: New Blood was introduced in "Storm of Fuck," but his identity is currently a mystery. Yet, no matter who this serial killer is, you know Dexter will task himself with taking this bad guy out.

The young woman Angela bought a hamburger for in the premiere took Angela's money and got herself a hotel room (according to IMDb, the young woman's name is Lily). When champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries magically arrived in her room, she downed them but then became violently ill. While she was poisoned, the serial killer transported her to a near-identical room that is his prison. With the message, "You're already dead," written around the surveillance camera, things aren't looking good for Lily.

What Dexter has revealed about the serial killer is pretty minimal. But they appear to be a white man with light-colored eyes and some bushy eyebrows. They also have an elaborate setup with access to cameras in the Iron Lake hotel and then an identical bunker with more surveillance, so they presumably have money. And based on the preview for Episode 3, it seems that when Lily gets out of the room (either she escapes or by design), the serial killer hunts her down with a sniper rifle.

With multiple brown-haired women missing in the area — not to mention the missing and murdered Indigenous women that Angela's daughter Audrey advocates for — this serial killer seems to be poaching brunettes from the Iron Lake area. He's also quite good at hiding the bodies (better than Dexter is currently). Although New Blood established the two most obvious suspects in "Storm of Fuck," something tells me this missing persons ring goes deeper than one man with untrimmed eyebrows. Here's a look at the main suspects for the serial killer and the potential accomplices that have been hiding right under Dexter's nose. My apologies in advance to the good people of Iron Lake — but years of watching Dexter has understandably made me a tad suspicious.

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