Is Martin Working Alone On 'Cruel Summer'? Annabelle Might Be His Accomplice

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Is Martin Working Alone On 'Cruel Summer'? Annabelle Might Be His Accomplice

Martin Harris, the new assistant vice principal on Cruel Summer, is the one who captured Kate and kept her locked in his basement for reasons that are not yet completely clear. (Though Martin certainly seems like he's developing a creepy fascination with Kate in the flashback scenes.) In our quest to untangle everything that went down in relation to Kate's kidnapping, it might be worth asking a disturbing question: was Martin actually working alone on Cruel Summer, or could he have had help in holding Kate hostage? And could that particular person be the unknown Annabelle?

We don't know much about Martin's past, but we do know that he has a dark, sad history. His father died by suicide when he was a teenager, which may be a point of connection for him and Kate, who also lost her father when she was young. Right now, Martin certainly seems alone in the world — in addition to not having his immediate family around, he's not married, doesn't have kids, and moved into town without as much as a friend to get a drink with on the weekends.

We know Martin doesn't have a thriving social life in town because, prior to the kidnapping in 1993, Kate's mom constantly invites Martin out to social events. He always goes — even on their hunting trip, despite the fact that he hates guns — but he never brings someone along with him, or even talks about anyone he's currently close with.

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