5 Theories About Annabelle On 'Cruel Summer' That Could Explain This Mystery Person

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5 Theories About Annabelle On 'Cruel Summer' That Could Explain This Mystery Person

Forget Jeanette Turner and Kate Wallis: The woman who is the real mystery on Freeform's new twisty series Cruel Summer is someone we haven't met yet. Who is Annabelle, and what does she have to do with Kate's kidnapping at the hands of assistant principal Martin Harris? Right now, all fans have are theories about Annabelle on Cruel Summer — and there's plenty to speculate about that makes a ton of sense.

As refresher: Kate first mentions the name Annabelle in the 1995 timeline, during her family's annual hunting trip. When asked to share a scary story around the campfire, Kate tells the tale of Annabelle, a young girl who was lured into the woods by a man who all the other adults trusted. Ultimately, Annabelle didn't realize that this man was bad news — but, ultimately, Kate blames the other grown ups in Annabelle's life for what this man did to her, as they left poor little Annabelle vulnerable.

Annabelle's name comes up again in Kate's therapy session. She tells her therapist that on the day of her rescue, she "met Annabelle." However, she can't recall who Annabelle is, or what she had to do with her kidnapping.

So what's the deal with Annabelle? Fans have plenty of theories — and each is darker and more twisted than the next. Here are what fans are saying about Annabelle on Cruel Summer.

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