Is Annabelle Actually Kate On 'Cruel Summer'? Episode 7 Could Explain Her Identity

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Is Annabelle Actually Kate On 'Cruel Summer'? Episode 7 Could Explain Her Identity

After seven episodes, the mystery of Cruel Summer has not gotten any easier to unravel. In fact, we still are no closer to learning whether Kate or Jeanette is telling the truth about what really happened in Martin's basement. Did Jeanette see Kate and lie about it, or is something else going on here? Now, Cruel Summer is just asking more questions — specifically, about the identity of Annabelle, who, as of Episode 7, Kate is unable to unearth from her memory.

We know that Kate remembers meeting an Annabelle — she says as much during her therapy session tapes, which Kate, in the 1995 timeline, revisits in order to prep for the trial against Jeanette — but when pressed for further details, she just shuts down. However, while Cruel Summer isn't exactly spoon-feeding us any answers, there's a chance that episode 7, titled "Happy Birthday Kate Wallis," may have given credence to a theory that fans have been speculating about ever since Kate uttered that mysterious name.

Episode 7 is focused on Kate's conflicting feelings about her mother. In each of the three timelines, Kate is forced to confront the ways in which her mom failed her. In 1993, Kate is afraid to reveal her mom's affair to her father, because she and Joy are close — and Joy has taught her that it's her job to make sure everyone around her is happy by behaving as pleasantly as possible, never making waves, and doing what the people around her need her to do.

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