Did Kate Kill Martin? This 'Cruel Summer' Theory Would Put All the Pieces Together

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Did Kate Kill Martin? This 'Cruel Summer' Theory Would Put All the Pieces Together

Is Kate a liar? That's the question at the heart of Cruel Summer, which asks whether Kate is telling the truth about Jeanette seeing her while she was being held captive... or if Kate is merely framing Jeanette for "stealing" her life after she disappeared. While we still don't know who is being honest in this particular scenario, we know Kate isn't telling the truth about something, simply because Kate said so herself. In true '90s fashion, she wrote in her chat room for traumatized teens that she hasn't been "completely honest" about something. Now, a theory suggests it's not about Jeanette, but about the fate of her kidnapper on Cruel Summer, Martin, who died during a police shootout.

This theory was posed by TikToker @stxrryth0t on a video posted by @ZekeSpace. It suggests that Kate's lie may be about the circumstances surrounding Martin's death. The basic premise? Martin didn't shoot at the police, and instead Kate did, so that they would shoot and kill Martin. It's even possible that Kate killed Martin first, before she shot at the police, then pretended to be him by shooting at the cops so it would look like their bullets were the ones that took Martin's life.

How did fans come to this conclusion? It makes a surprising amount of sense, if you're putting together all the little clues. Earlier in the series, Kate's mother invites Martin on their social group's annual hunting trip. It's there that Martin confides in Kate that he's terrified of guns because his father died by suicide. It's an interesting point to make, given that later, Martin also dies from a gunshot — could it be foreshadowing that eventually, how Martin died will be called into question?

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