A Look Into Christy Carlson Romano's YouTube Cameraperson & The Art Of Walking Backwards

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A Look Into Christy Carlson Romano's YouTube Cameraperson & The Art Of Walking Backwards

The early aughts are a defining time in millennial pop culture. I would also argue that they were the golden years on the Disney Channel, if not television in general. You had Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven, Kim Possible, Evens Stevens, etc., the latter two featuring none other than The Dipp's favorite YouTuber, Christy Carlson Romano.

As previously discussed on The Dipp, Romano has launched a YouTube career that I, for one, am obsessed with. Each week when a new video drops I am left speechless. Not even from watching the videos themselves... usually it's the titles alone that take my breath away. (This week, for example, is "How Psychics Scammed Me Out Of $60,000".)

Each video is about a unique topic that only Romano can really pull off with such pizazz while hiking through a semi-rugged terrain. Which left me wondering... who is filming Christy Carlson Romano's YouTube videos?

[video Embed]

In each video, Romano is going on a leisurely hike in full beat while discussing a variety of topics. (Disney Channel, The Princess Diaries, losing all of her money, 9/11, the usual!). This is happening all while someone on the other end of the camera is doing the same hike backwards. (Or so it seems.) How is this videographer going through trees and brush and walking over sticks and stones while keeping a steady hand and foot. How are you not tripping good sir or ma'am? How are you not falling?

And I am not the only one who is thinking about this! Tons of people are commenting on the videos with the same concern and awe at the talent this takes:

One user even asked Romano who it was, and she responded, while giving nothing away!

That is, until the next comment, where she seemingly confirms it's her husband, Brendan Rooney.

A quick search took me to his YouTube channel — remember, the family that YouTubes together... — to find out that Romano is not the only one who hikes while telling stories.

Now that's love right there! Is there anything more romantic than walking backwards with a video camera while your significant other films a YouTube video for you? I think not. A true partnership.

Then again... maybe no one is walking backwards in the first place. I leave you with this theory from Youtube user, fbueller.

Images: YouTube

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