Christy's Corner: Unpacking 'Cadet Kelly' With Christy Carlson Romano

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Christy's Corner: Unpacking 'Cadet Kelly' With Christy Carlson Romano

Nostalgia is money. Just take a look at the most recently greenlit shows in the entertainment industry: Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, iCarly, The Proud Family. We're all desperate to sink our teeth into content from yesteryear, and no one knows that better than Even Stevens star Christy Carlson Romano.

Romano, who starred in Even Stevens on Disney Channel from 2000 to 2003, has become a very niche, very entertaining YouTube blogger over the last couple of years. After originally launching her channel with Christy's Kitchen Throwback in which she welcomed early aught stars from Kim Possible, Full House, Lizzie McGuire and more into her kitchen, Romano recently shifted to posting videos tackling life's biggest topics: "Am I Irrelevant?," "How I Lost All My Money," and "How Katy Perry Got My Record Deal."

On today's Christy's Corner: Checking In With Christy Carlson Romano, we take a look at Romano's 10 minute long video titled, "What You Don't Know About Cadet Kelly" (the 2002 Disney Channel Original Movie starring Romano and Hilary Duff).

Grab your ribbons and your CD of "One Girl Revolution" — here's what we can learn in this installment of "CC:CIWCCR."

  • Romano was really nervous Duff wouldn't like her, but Duff is a "gracious, star-quality, classy gal"
  • Romano did not like the combat boots
  • The cast was put into a mini bootcamp that meant waking up early, working with a (Canadian) drill sergeant, and learning how to twirl guns
  • Duff's mom was like Kris Jenner before Kris Jenner
  • Real military cadets were mixed with the dancers in the film
  • Romano had a crush on actor Shawn Ashmore and the two went on a couple of dates
  • Romano and Duff would hang out while not filming, including going shopping together, where Romano would use her per diem from production
  • Canada felt very "exotic" to Romano, who had never been out of the country before filming
  • Romano still keeps in touch with actress Andrea Lewis
  • Romano wanted to stay close with Duff, but Duff was "too busy" with Lizzie McGuire and her budding music career
  • Romano's character Captain Jenny Stone was the sexual awakening for young girls discovering their own sexuality due to the homoerotic undertones between Romano and Duff's characters
  • As far as where Captain Stone is today, Romano says she could be married to a woman and is the principal of the school
  • Sorry but Even Stevens probably won't come back
  • Cadet Kelly could have a second coming

Here's the full video. Check back soon for more of Christy's Corner: Checking In With Christy Carlson Romano.

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