The Real Locations Featured In 'Bridgerton,' And How To (Virtually) Visit Them

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The Real Locations Featured In 'Bridgerton,' And How To (Virtually) Visit Them

Settle down for a spot of afternoon tea and biscuits as we read the latest pamphlet from Lady Whistledown. Or as us mere plebes in the mortal world refer to the voice of Bridgerton's tattler, Queen Julie Andrews.

What's the leading story in today's society paper? The real life locations from Bridgerton that we can visit, someday, because we could all use some escapism back to 1813 Grosvenor Square, no? A time where we could congregate at fine balls and avoid suitors while simultaneously thanking our lucky stars that we don't have to squeeze our waists into ill-fitting corsets in this day and age.

Well, dear readers, if the fantasy of immersing yourself in the splendor of the Regency period strikes your fancy, here are some of the specific English locales from the series to bookmark for your travel itineraries in 2021 (COVID-willing).

Bath, England

If one stalks the "Special Thanks" portion of the credits for every episode of Bridgerton, as a nerd such as I is likely to do, Bath is mentioned consistently. The production thanks the Bath Film Office, the Bath Racecourse, the Bath Preservation Trust, the Residents and Businesses of Bath, the works.

Upon recollection of Julia Quinn's Bridgerton novels on which the series is based as wells as the works of Jane Austen including Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, one may remember that the streets of Bath during the Georgian and Regency eras were teeming with societal pressures to find suitable matches, which makes it all the more sensible for the Shondaland production to showcase Bath as the Regency-set series' centerpiece location.

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