How Marina's 'Bridgerton' Return Could Explain That Season 1 Cliffhanger

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How Marina's 'Bridgerton' Return Could Explain That Season 1 Cliffhanger

Lady Whistledown has spoken: Bridgerton will return for Season 2 on Netflix. The queen of regency gossip even revealed that Anthony will take center stage this social season, but what about non-Bridgerton characters? Season 1 left with the Featheringtons in an extremely precarious situation, not to mention pregnant Marina being married off to her dead lover's brother. Luckily, it looks like Marina will return for Bridgerton Season 2, and it could shake things up in a major way.

The official cast list for Bridgerton Season 2 has not yet been announced, but the show's Instagram page tagged a select handful of actors in its announcement post on Thursday, Jan. 21. Among those included is Ruby Barker, who played Marina in Season 1, seemingly teasing her eventual return to London. The question is, why would Marina be coming back during a season focused on... Anthony?

Warning: spoilers for Season 1 of Bridgerton ahead. At the end of Season 1, Marina, pregnant and alone, left the Featheringtons to marry Phillip Crane out of duty to her family and to her unborn child. It was a bittersweet ending, but it was also a pretty concrete one. And, even though she had a brief relationship with Colin Bridgerton, it's hard to imagine her character being integral to Anthony's love story, which means she'll come back for the Featheringtons.


By far the biggest cliffhanger of Bridgerton's first season is the fate of the Featheringtons, who are about to find their fortunes in the hand of an unnamed Featherington heir after the unexpected death of Lord Featherington. Currently, the only known male relative of the Featheringtons is Marina's father, Lord Featherington's cousin. It's possible that he could be the one to inherit the estate, which would open the door for Marina's return.

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