In Defense Of Anthony Bridgerton... Is He Really That Bad?

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In Defense Of Anthony Bridgerton... Is He Really That Bad?

At the beginning of Bridgerton, Anthony Bridgerton seems like an overbearing older brother. (That's because he is!) But as the first season progresses, you start to feel, what is that emotion?... sympathy for the guy? And after rewatching the series — OK, there have been multiple go-rounds — I actually think that I can confidently defend Anthony Bridgerton. Stay with me here...

He's emotionally unstable: I'm not trying to psychoanalyze the guy — at least not completely psychoanalyze him — but we need to keep in mind that Anthony had to step into the father figure role for the Bridgertons, as well as fulfill the duties of their estate, immediately after his father died. Show me a man who could do that without a 'lil damage. I'll wait.

He always has his family's best interests in mind: Overbearing? Yes. But at the end of the day, Anthony's stifling personality is him looking out for his family and trying his best to do right by them. And when he does realize that he may have overstepped on occasion, he apologizes and learns from his prior mistakes.

He didn't want to let love go: Siena is clearly his outlet — the moment in time he's able to forget about the responsibility waiting for him at home. While he struggles with finding love (we're waiting, Season 2), he finds the release and ability to be completely himself with her, and that's something he is clearly desperate for.

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