Those 'Bridgerton' Set Photos Aren't Entirely What They Seem — UPDATE

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Those 'Bridgerton' Set Photos Aren't Entirely What They Seem — UPDATE

Correction: It seems young Colin doesn't have the same err of mystery as — cough — a close friend of his has when it comes to discretion. Despite the internet thinking they were getting fresh Bridgerton Season 2 content, it appears Luke Newton is backpedaling on those photos he shared earlier Monday morning by now noting they're from Season 1 of the show. And here we thought we were getting a scoop before Whistledown. Thanks for nothing, buddy.

Earlier: As the O.G. Lady Whistledown (Gossip Girl) would say, "Spotted: the Bridgerton boys up to no good on the streets of London, where filming on Bridgerton Season 2 has officially begun." Luke Newton, aka Colin Bridgerton, spilled the beans in an Instagram post, sharing some behind-the-scenes shots from the second season of Netflix's hit romance on Monday, March 15.

The pictures, which Newton aptly captioned, "The boys are back in town," feature the actor along with his on-screen brothers Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton) and Luke Thompson (Benedict Bridgerton) in full Bridgerton get up. There are waistcoats, there are blouses, and, yes, there are horses. In one image, Benedict and Colin look dashing atop horses, filming a scene in the streets of London. The other image features Thompson and Bailey goofing off on set.

It's all pretty standard Bridgerton fair, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few clues about Season 2 hidden in these seemingly innocent BTS Bridgeton gems.

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For one thing, Colin's very presence in London is a bit of a surprise. Following his short-lived engagement to Marina Thompson in Season 1, he left town to travel the world. It's unclear how much time will have passed between Seasons 1 and 2, but assuming it's not longer than a year, that seems like a pretty short trip considering it would take him at least two weeks to leave Britain in the first place. (Travel in the 1800s was s-l-o-w, guys.) Perhaps something happened at home that required his attention? Or maybe he realized he's totally in love with Penelope Featherington and had no choice but to rush home and propose immediately. (OK, that's probably not it, but a girl can dream!) Either way, his return to London could give Penelope something to hold onto, especially as her family reels from the death of her father.

The photos of the Bridgerton brothers also hint at Anthony taking the lead in Season 2, which is going to revolve around Anthony's romance with Kate Sheffield, as written in Julia Quinn's The Viscount Who Loved Me. If Anthony, who dramatically swore off romance in the Season 1 finale, is going to fall in love, then you can bet he'll need his wingmen by his side. I expect plenty goofy brother antics and also perhaps an a capella song.

Most importantly, however, these pictures show that Bridgerton Season 2 is in production, which means fans might be able to expect new episodes before the end of the year. Finally, something to look forward to.


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