5 Shondaland Easter Eggs In 'Bridgerton' — From Declarations Of Love To Familiar Faces

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5 Shondaland Easter Eggs In 'Bridgerton' — From Declarations Of Love To Familiar Faces

Shonda Rimes' first show under her lucrative deal with Netflix is finally here, and even though Bridgerton is set in Regency era London, the sexy period drama is full of Shondaland flourishes. From the poetic declarations of love to the creative use of pop music in the score, Bridgerton shares plenty in common with Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder.

Sure, the women in Bridgerton are more likely to promenade than they are to wield a scalpel, and while ladies on the show spend plenty of time at court, it's not the kind of court Annalise Keating rules over on HTGAWM, but despite their differences, Daphne, Eloise, and Penelope still wouldn't be out of place at one of Meredith Grey's impromptu dance it out sessions. Somehow, these not-so-modern women are every bit as rebellious, strong, and capable as their modern Shondaland peers. But instead of elevator sex and managing the President of the United States, they make out in hedge mazes and consort with the Queen of England.

As you dive into Bridgerton try not to get too distracted by the sexiness of McDuke Simon, and keep an eye out for these Shondaland Easter eggs sprinkled throughout Season 1.

Some spoilers to follow for Season 1 of Bridgerton.

Nothing Says I Love You Like A Speech



Meredith and Derek. Olivia and Fitz. Connor and Oliver. They all exchanged "I love yous" via epic speeches, and Daphne and Simon are no different. On their wedding night, Simon declares that he "burns" for Daphne, which is strikingly similar to Fitz telling Olivia on Scandal, "You own me! You control me. I belong to you."


Grey's Anatomy:

Then when Daphne makes a grand gesture to convince Simon he deserves to be loved, she pulls a page from Meredith's "Pick me, choose me, love me" playbook on Grey's, as she tells him, "You can choose to love me as much as I love you."

Regé‑Jean Page Was A Shondaland Heartthrob In For The People


For The People:

For the People only lasted for two seasons, but if you tuned in to the series then you've already met Bridgerton's Regé‑Jean Page. He made his Shondaland debut as Leonard Knox, a cocksure assistant attorney, before taking on the role of Bridgerton's rake with a heart (and a whole lot of emotional baggage) Simon.

It's All About The Narration


Grey's Anatomy:

Just like Grey's Anatomy, Bridgerton features narration that lays out the central theme of each episode. Although, unlike Grey's, the identity of Bridgerton's narrator Lady Whistledown also provides the drama with a dash of mystery.

Eloise Is Bridgerton's Answer To Cristina Yang


Grey's Anatomy:

Every Shondaland show has at least one woman with zero interest in dealing with societal expectations, but Cristina Yang remains the original rulebreaker. And Eloise Bridgerton would definitely worship her. Like Cristina, Eloise prioritizes knowledge and ambition over men, and her friendship with Penelope Featherington is already showing signs of blossoming into "my person" territory, ala Cristina and Meredith.

The Pop Music Cues Are Always On Point

Rhimes' shows all feature modern pop soundtracks that capture the character's struggles, triumphs, and loves beautifully, and Bridgerton is no exception. Despite the show being set in the 1800s, it still utilizes pop anthems like Ariana Grande's "thank u, next" and Shawn Mendes' "In My Blood" — but with a period appropriate twist. The series uses classical arrangements of the songs as performed by the Vitamin String Quartet to keep the pop music from distracting from the regency setting.

From the music to Eloise's feminist musings, these Easter eggs are proof Bridgerton is all too happy to take a page or two from the Rhimes' handbook to keep the drama coming — and the series is much better for it. Welcome to Shondaland, Bridgerton! May you entertain us with effortlessly badass women and sexy, but damaged men for many seasons to come.


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