A 'Below Deck' Insider Explains What Music The Guests Can — And Can't — Listen To

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A 'Below Deck' Insider Explains What Music The Guests Can — And Can't — Listen To

The thing about Below Deck that separates itself from the rest of the programming at Bravo, besides the fact it takes place at sea and not on land, is that the people filming are actually working. They are doing a real job with real-life consequences. We all remember where we were when Ashton Pienaar got his foot tangled in a rope and got dragged out to sea (thankfully, a cameraman threw his camera down and saved his life).

It was in that moment I really realized what a different show this actually is.

And there are so many parts of the show that I have always wondered about like, how, exactly, does the tipping work? Where does production sleep? But really, my biggest question is, do these guest party in silence?

With all the themes, the late-night dance parties, and the general vacation vibes, you'd think the yacht would be rocking. But, Below Deck Season 7 stew Courtney Skippon reveals that the guests aren't necessarily always allowed to play music.


So, yes, that means you're renting a mega-yacht (at a discount) for roughly $150,000, but if you want to sing along to Beyonce or dance the night away to Dua Lipa – sorry, you're probably out of luck. Even though you spent a ton of money, there's kind of a No Music Allowed policy. Courtney tells me:

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