S.O.S. — The ‘Below Deck’ Crew Has Already Had 33 Meltdowns In Just 3 Episodes

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S.O.S. — The ‘Below Deck’ Crew Has Already Had 33 Meltdowns In Just 3 Episodes

Reality TV means capturing all kinds of messy behavior on camera — but the Below Deck Season 8 crew seems more prone to meltdowns than any we’ve seen. In the first three episodes alone, they averaged 11 freak outs per hour, and the preview for episode four promises things will only get worse. Right now, I’m not sure how that’s possible, but I decided to take a moment to appreciate just how low this crew has already sunk.

Going through the season so far, I tallied up each occasion that one of the Bravo stars lost their shit, and I ended up with, no joke, a record 33 breakdowns. It’s not just the guests who are throwing tantrums, and it’s not just the seas that are rocky. Let’s take a step back and walk through every single outburst so far.

Izzy’s Negative Outlook

“I’m trying to find protein bars, but there’s so many goddamn boxes,” Izzy complains before their first charter has even begun. While everyone has been working double-time to try to keep up after a slow start, she was the first to fall victim to a bad attitude. “I’m fucking tired,” she said when she finally had the chance to retire for the evening. “I’m exhausted.”

Eddie’s Rude Awakening

The ship’s bosun wasn’t far behind. The next morning, he rolled out of bed and jumped down to the ground — only to dislike the rough landing. As Shane peeked out from beneath his blankets, Eddie allowed himself a tiny tantrum to start the day. “Urgh, fucking goddamnit,” he cursed.

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