Adrienne Gang's 'Below Deck' Season 8 Report Card

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Adrienne Gang's 'Below Deck' Season 8 Report Card

You can sum up Season 8 of Below Deck with two words: choppy waters. After a charter season of firings, crew hookups, drunken guests, drunken chefs, and one missing Mahi, the My Seanna crew reunited for the Below Deck reunion on Watch What Happens Live on Monday night to rehash all of the drama (there was even a brief visit from Sustainable Shane).

To properly close out the season, former Below Deck chief stew, Adrienne Gang weighs in on each member of the crew, gives her final thoughts about their performances throughout the season, and reveals who she'd actually want to work with in the future. (Hint: It's not Elizabeth.)


Overall, I think Eddie did a great job this season. I feel like a lot of people were hoping he was going to redeem himself after his last set of shenanigans with Rocky, and it seems like he overcame that and actually focused on his job. He encouraged Izzy to come into her own, which I think is a start difference to what we saw with the last Med season with Malia ... He did a really good job of giving her some ownership so she could grow within the role. I was impressed by that. I agreed with him on his aversion to Rachel and her antics, but he felt the same way my season about Kat getting wasted, so that's not a new paradigm for him.

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