Adrienne Gang's 'Below Deck' Mid-Season Performance Review

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Adrienne Gang's 'Below Deck' Mid-Season Performance Review

We are now at the halfway mark for this season of Below Deck, which seems like a fantastic time to do a mid-season performance review of the crew and the other honorable mentions of the season so far.

Let's dive in...


I find myself wandering into déjà vu territory with the whole Elizabeth/Izzy situation. Kat and Sam made me miserable in Below Deck Season 1 with their perpetual bitching about doing their jobs, backtalk, and bringing other departments into the drama. It was exhausting. I tried really hard NOT to involve anyone or other departments. If Kat and Sam had spent half the time they devoted trying to convince everyone else I was a Nazi (for expecting a high standard of work) actually working our season would have gone a lot smoother.

I admit that I think Francesca is doing a much better job mitigating the issues than I did; how anyone is siding with Elizabeth at this point is beyond me.


I just can’t with this one. I wanted to like her at the beginning, but now the demotion I think she deserves is for her to be ridden off into the sunset on a donkey (a la Danny from Med Season 1, by far my favorite crew/firing scene ever).

Her ability to keep getting caught talking shit about her boss (that is literally just asking her to do the job she was hired to do) is her only major consistency this season. I am to the point where I have utterly no sympathy for her at this point. Like Kat and Sam, if she exerted half the energy she does trying to garner sympathy and bitching about Francesca actually doing her job she might (possibly) turn into a decent stew. I don’t see that happening. She’s happy playing the victim and I’m over it.

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