’Below Deck’s Adrienne Gang On Difficult Guests, Glitter, And Rooting For Francesca

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’Below Deck’s Adrienne Gang On Difficult Guests, Glitter, And Rooting For Francesca

Hello all you Sailors and Mermaids!

Week 2 of Below Deck was yet another episode where the crew cried, got objectified, and Captain Lee had more reasons to rest his head on his radio in frustration.

Let’s get into it...

I hope we find out that Avery’s grandma makes a speedy recovery and we see him make a return this season — he seemed like a genuinely hard-working kid. That being said, the crew is now one human down, which is hard enough halfway through the season, let alone one day into a six-week charter season. I hope they bounce back quickly.

I can tell you from my own experience that if even 10% of my charters behaved like Charley & Co., I would have quit yachting or been incarcerated on a Caribbean island for waterboarding someone a decade ago. I don’t find any of their antics, attitudes, or backhanded “helping” funny or endearing. It’s possible some of that was encouraged by the producers, but the guests always have the option to say no. Clearly, they enjoyed everyone watching them and thinking they are a bunch of overdramatic assholes.

I feel for Francesca, she seems to really want to do her best. Izzy (despite the fact that she is the comic relief) is Francesca's foil. My guess is that she applied for a deck job and was relegated to the interior. I’m glad she took the initiative to talk to Eddie and Lee to work outside. Hopefully, her passion will translate into a stronger (read: faster) work ethic.

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