Adrienne Gang & Madison Stalker Break Down The Awkward 'Below Deck' Finale

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Adrienne Gang & Madison Stalker Break Down The Awkward 'Below Deck' Finale

And just like that, another season of Below Deck is over — but not before some final crew drama on the My Seanna. In this week's Below Deck finale, "Premature Evacuation," the crew received the news that their season would come to an abrupt end, Elizabeth had a very awkward goodbye, and the second saddest cake of the season made its debut.

Former Below Deck chief stew, Adrienne Gang, and special guest, Below Deck Sailing Yacht stew Madison Stalker, break down the episode, weigh in on Elizabeth's exit, and explain just how great those end of charter parties can be.

On That Awkward Moment

The time finally came for Elizabeth to leave the My Seanna, but her exit wasn't exactly an outpour of love — especially from her fellow stews. Now, Madison and Adrienne reflect on their own experiences of crew members being fired mid-charter and just how awkward it can be.

Madison: It's really uncomfortable, especially if it's in the middle of charter. I had a third stew — it was a bad situation — and I actually was rooming with her. And it was so uncomfortable because you're still trying to do work, and I was scared to go into my own [bathroom], I just used my chief stew's. It is cringeworthy.

Adrienne: I think in a normal situation, when you get fired from a job, you just pack up whatever shit is on your desk and you leave, if you have a 9 to 5. But when you're working on a boat, you have to pack up your whole life and get off the boat, and that takes a little bit longer than a couple of desk drawers. It can't be understated that the dynamic of the living situation changes as much as the work environment does. And I've been on boats where captains have gotten fired mid-trip, and that's really fucking weird because all of a sudden you have a new captain that shows up and the owner has to sit everybody down to say that they have so-and-so downstairs packing up all his stuff, he's leaving. That's really hard, especially in the middle of a long trip.

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