Adrienne Gang Is Done With Elizabeth On 'Below Deck'

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Adrienne Gang Is Done With Elizabeth On 'Below Deck'

I’ve finally had it. I realize that what’s about to follow here will not endear me to many, but at this point I’m so damn frustrated with how I see things playing out on the show and in social media, I have actually screamed.

I’ll just start with this: Elizabeth is a shitty employee. Period. She seems lovely, but I would not want to work with her or manage her. Watching people, viewers and cast alike bash Francesca’s leadership skills and management style gives me PTSD from my season. None of us, myself and Francesca included, are perfect by any means. I had a lot of learning and growing to do after my season. Trust me, if I didn’t already question myself in the moment, social media did a great fucking job of pointing out every flaw I didn’t even know I had. (Apparently anything in the red-yellow spectrum isn’t my color. Thanks, Twitter).

I really don’t think I need to list the reasons why Elizabeth sucks. She might be a joy at an endless mimosa brunch where she isn’t responsible for procuring or properly pouring the champagne, or on a vegan yoga retreat where she has no responsibility except to dress herself daily and make sure she does the prescribed amount of meditation, but fuck me running if I’d let her manage a multimillion dollar asset. I said the same thing about Sam in Season 1. Sure, she’s the kind of chick you’d want to have a beer with, but would you as her coworker want follow her lazy, entitled ass around and pick up the slack for the sake of being able to hang out “with someone fun” for an hour every four days?

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