Jason Sudeikis' Socks Replaced The Divorcee Hoodie At The 2021 Emmys

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Jason Sudeikis' Socks Replaced The Divorcee Hoodie At The 2021 Emmys

Back in February, which feels like forever ago, Jason Sudeikis wore that tie-dye hoodie that emanated Big Divorce Energy. It gave us something to latch on to in a Zoom world that sometimes felt latchless, and for that, we were grateful. And, folks, he's done it again. During the second Emmys ceremony of 2021, Sudeikis' Easy E socks have replaced the hoodie.

The Ted Lasso star explained to host Karamo that he wasn't wearing his lucky Kansas City Chief's socks, and instead, wore a pair that helps him keep a healthy perspective on it all. "It all" probably being the absurdity of Hollywood and/or the fact that he's on a red carpet describing his socks; that someone 3,000 miles away would be writing about what he said about his socks. But Jason? You gotta #believe.

The good news is that you too can buy Jason's socks. As he mentioned, they're on Amazon. That said, they're currently unavailable, so you too better #believe. And if don't understand why I keep writing #believe, you better #believe that you should watch Ted Lasso.

Now, the question is, which of us is going to wear the hoodie and the socks for Halloween?

I #believe it's going to be me.

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