The 'American Horror Stories' Trailer Has Got Your 'Murder House' Connections Covered From Pig Men To Rubber Men

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The 'American Horror Stories' Trailer Has Got Your 'Murder House' Connections Covered From Pig Men To Rubber Men

What makes something a Story versus Stories? Well, American Horror Story fans will learn the difference when the anthology spinoff series — American Horror Stories — premieres through FX on Hulu. Based on the American Horror Stories trailer though, the self-contained episodes seem to be taking a bunch of terrifying inspiration from the original series. Because beyond some fresh faces, there appear to be plenty of connections between American Horror Story and Stories.

Two episodes of Stories will drop on July 15 (with five more to follow weekly), but the trailer seemed mostly to focus on a friendly visit to AHS's Season 1 setting — Murder House. Beyond the setting, there are (but of course) crossovers with previous AHS actors with Ryan Murphy previously announcing John Carol Lynch (Twisty, John Wayne Gacy, Mr. Jingles) as Larry Bitterman, Naomi Grossman (Pepper, Samantha Crowe) as Rabid Ruth, Billie Lourd (Winter Anderson, Linda Kasabian, Mallory, Montana Duke) as Liv Whitley, and Matt Bomer (Andy, Donovan) as Michael. These AHS alums all appear in the Stories trailer with newcomers like Aaron Tveit, Kaia Gerber, and Paris Jackson.

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Though there may be new elements like a demonic Santa Claus (played by Danny Trejo no less) and Tipper Gore (is this an American Crime Story crossover or something?), here are some of the connections to the original American Horror Story from the Stories trailer.

Rubber Man

Is that Rubber Man hanging from the ceiling? Or perhaps, it's the Rubber Woman that Stories has teased. Who is donning it isn't clear, but the black latex suit(s) are back in Stories.

Demonic Rubber Man

In another scene, there's the Rubber Man suit with the addition of horns. As the Antichrist Michael was conceived while Tate wore the Rubber Man suit in Murder House (and Michael wore it himself in Apocalypse), perhaps it's a nod to that. Not to mention, there's a very Satan-like figure with horns who appears in a window.


A candlelit bath seems romantic relaxing, but based on Vivien Harmon's experiences with Hayden and nursing student Gladys in the tub, this is going to be anything but tranquil.

Chamber Of Horrors

This may be a stretch, but the people trapped in wooden cages gave off vibes of Madame Delphine LaLaurie's attic torture chamber — her "Chamber of Horrors" — from Coven.

Ouija Board

Zoe, Queenie, and Nan tried to contact their fellow (but dead) witch-in-training Madison using a Ouija board in Coven. Based on the clothes of the people using the Ouija board in Stories, this could be a flashback.

Salt Circle

The witches in Coven used circles for a number of spells — resurrection with salt and fertility with candles. Though they didn't look exactly like this one Billie Lourd is magicking over with a knife and spellbook. Mallory is that you in disguise?

Piggy Man

Although Piggy Man was in Roanoke, the urban legend Piggy Man that haunted Eric Stonestreet's character in his bathroom in Murder House appears to scare Bomer's character in Stories. Who doesn't love to see a man wearing a dead pig face in their shower?


Infantata is Thaddeus Montgomery — the cobbled together child of Charles and Nora Montgomery — living in the basement of the Murder House. No wonder the new Stories crew was shown walking down the stairs with cellphone flashlights and a rosary... though something tells me those tools aren't going to cut it.


This character — with face and eyes like Papa Legba and a white and yellow snake like Marie Laveau's from Coven — may mean Stories will be practicing some Voodoo.

Stories may not be Apocalypse when it comes to connecting the AHS universe, but keep the Murder House and Coven references coming.


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